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Last week I tried a great restaurant in Vinings, called Crepe Revolution.  After having some difficulty locating the restaurant (it’s in a shopping area, technically in Smyrna and you can’t really see it from the road), I was immediately seated and given the full attention of the wait staff.


I found out about Crepe Revolution Chicago writer, Anne Steib’s article about her visit to Atlanta.  Since I had heard about this restaurant from another GF blogger, I knew that it was a safe bet.  Crepe Revolution serves both sweet and savory crepes.  They have three types of crepes, two of which can be made gluten-free: buckwheat and cornmeal.  Our waiter didn’t know a lot about gluten, but he was eager to check with the kitchen and find out about specific ingredients in the different crepes.

You can order a crepe on the menu or you can create your own.  They have various sauces, meats, veggies and cheeses.  You also get your choice of fresh fruit, salad or home fries as your side.  I asked them how the home fries are made and they’re just made from potatoes, spices and cooked in a pan.  Since they’re not actually fried, I didn’t have to worry about contamination from a fryer, so I definitely ordered the home fries.  They were delicious!

I ordered the pesto chicken crepe and it was a yummy meal. Crepe Revolution will definitely be a place that I’ll go when looking for an easy, not too expensive meal.  I contacted Neel, one of the managers of Crepe Revolution to get a little more information about their restaurant’s ability to accommodate the gluten-free diner.  Neel was quick to respond and here is some of what he said:

As for our processes, we make our batters for crepes fresh daily, however, none of them are gluten free. When an order for gluten free crepe is made in the kitchen we actually remake a separate batter for that individual meal (at this point we don’t have enough volume to make it ahead). We’re currently using rice flour or no flour at all when we do a gluten free crepe. The other ingredients of concern would be some of our sauces where we use flour to thicken or if flour is an existing ingredient in one of our sauce bases. Those items are are thai sauce, chicken gravy, brown gravy and table wine gravy. Note our Thai peanut dressing is gluten free, this is a dressing that is used on our salads which is different from our Thai peanut sauce used on our crepes. Anyway the information that our staff would need to convey would either be a function of how these items and ingredients items are prepared if and when these sauces are in use or desired by you, our guest. We’ll definitely regroup around this detail so our guests get all the info they need to make a great meal decision.

Neels’ thoughts and advice are very helpful and point me in the right direction for the next time I go to Crepe Revolution.  As you can see, it’s definitely important that you make your server aware of your dietary needs and not just order the items you think are gluten-free.  It’s always good to communicate with your server, no matter where you’re eating.

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    I am so glad you enjoyed it =)

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