NC Man Arrested for Selling Bread Falsely Advertised as Gluten-Free

Do you ever worry that you’ll be told something’s gluten-free when it’s really not?  For many of us celiacs, this concern is definitely a source of anxiety.  Unfortunately, sometimes this mistake happens through contamination, but usually people are not being intentionally deceptive.

A new case recently arose, however, that involves a man that appeared to be intentionally misleading customers about a supposedly ‘gluten-free’ product.  Check out this article, sent to me by a former student, about the recent arrest of Paul Seelig of the Raleigh/Durham area.  Seelig owns a bread company and faces charges for deceiving his customers.  The bread that he advertised as gluten-free actually had high levels of gluten.  It doesn’t look like this is just a case of a little bit of contamination.  Sorry Mister, that’s not ok.

The Article: Bread Seller Facing Deceptive Advertising Charges

  1. Hajo says:

    It truly is a scary thing that there are people (like Mr. Seelig) out there who are literally poisoning others just to make a quick buck. His argument that a lot more people would have reported becoming sick reveals how little knowledge he has about his target customers – not showing any symptoms does NOT mean that no damage was done! If he truly wanted to help he would certainly know that…

    Despite all negatives (and especially the fact that this happened right in my backyard), I think there is also a bright side to this. It shows that the NCDA&CS takes complaints very seriously and takes actions to prevent false labeling. It also might set a precedent for the enforcement of gluten-free labeling. This is actually great news since the FDA guideline on gluten-free labeling is still just a guideline and not a law!

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