Spring Break 2K10 Continues


Sun, books, writing, cooking, and rest. Glorious vacation. After a few days in Naples, Florida with Jen I’m feeling totally relaxed and in the groove of vacation. We wake up with no alarm, eat breakfast with a beautiful view of the water, gather our things and head out for a few hours of writing. Yes, it’s a total nerd fest. We spend most of the morning writing and drinking coffee. Around noon we head home for lunch, and then an afternoon of sun and books. The big decisions of the day include, pool or beach and which book to read? Lots of great conversation during and in between all of these. A late afternoon “wog” (walk/jog) followed by cocktails, appetizers and delicious gluten-free dinner. Perfect day.


Our gluten-free menu this week:
“Smorgasbord” of appetizers including hummus, Farmstand carrots, dates & parmesan, chips & salsa


Gluten-free pizza (Bob’s Red Mill) with pears, goat cheese, rosemary and caramelized onions





Farmstand salad mix with watermelon radishes, pears, red onions, & dried cranberries


Barefoot Contessa’s Roast Chicken with onions, rutabegas & sweet potatoes

GF Fusili pasta with tomato sauce, garlic, ground turkey, onions and oregano

Betty Crocker Gluten-free Brownies

Tonight’s my last night in Naples. So sad. For the final night, we’re going out on the town for dinner in Old Naples at Café Lurcat. So we’re not being totally anti-social this vacation. We even went to hear live music at the beach club the other night. We didn’t dance, but we enjoyed watching the odd (and most likely drugged) man dance. (See photo below.)


Each gluten-free vacation gets easier and easier for me. I continue to learn more about traveling gluten-free and how to stay healthy away from home. Of course it helps to have a gluten-free travel buddy who likes to cook just as much as I do.



  1. moxie says:

    It won’t be the same without you!!

  2. Chili T. says:

    hmmm…see the image of “Bird By Bird” – LOVE IT! Bought it last week along with new Mary Oliver poetry, and plan on gobbling it up after I finish Harry Potter 7, The Help, and The Poisonwood Bible — whoop whoop!

    Have a fabulous finale to SB2K10!

  3. Blair Metcalf says:

    Your Spring Break sounds so fun Betsy! :) Glad you could have some good down time and enjoy a different part of the country.

    I am ready for a tan…won’t be getting that here in China:)

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