‘LOST’ Finale Debrief

After watching ‘Lost’s’ 4.5 hours of footage last night, I feel a little empty inside, and a bit of lingering ‘Lost’ hangover.  This ‘Lost’ marathon was worth watching but I can’t say that it solved all of the puzzles for me.  (Shocker!)  I don’t envy the task the producers and writers faced in wrapping up the show.


While I really enjoyed the two hour recap of the past six seasons, I’m very disappointed that there was no mention of Mr. Eko whatsoever.  I know that things did not end well with the actor and the rest of the cast/production, but you can’t ignore that he was a huge part of the island for the second season.  Eko epitomized the whole idea of redemption, a theme throughout the show’s six seasons.  Pretending like he never existed seems to contradict the show’s entire premise.


Some highlights for me included, the resolution of Jack’s relationship with his father and when Jack tells the “MIB” that he’s not Locke and what a ‘man of faith’ Locke was.  The moments when each character ‘remembered’ the island were beautiful scenes, especially between Jin and Sun.  Oh, and Vincent lying next to Jack as the plane flew over was just amazing.  (It actually made me want to get a dog.)

So a couple of questions that I would love for you to answer…

Was the sideways universe purgatory?  If so, is Ben still in purgatory since he didn’t go inside the church?  How long did Hurley and Ben stay on the island?  Why was Desmond ‘the one’ in charge of facilitating the characters memory of the island?  Was he the keeper of purgatory?

What are your thoughts on the finale?  What questions went left unanswered?  Please share your thoughts in the comments.  I will choose one person who comments at random and send you a gluten-free treat in the mail!

Ok, I’ve written way too much about television shows recently, and am even reconsidering the name of my blog.  Perhaps “Cooking, Reading & Reality TV?”  I promise there will be more food this week.  I promise.

  1. Diggity Dave says:

    Just off the top of my head, the whole kidnapping of Walt, what was the big deal? Who were the original keepers of the light, who built the island and put the “cork” there, what’s with all the Egyptian-themed stuff, what as the Man In Black’s real name. Just to name a few. I could go on. Hopefully the DVD collection will have some answers for us.

  2. Patrick says:

    Great finale.

    Some awards I’d give:
    Best line was Flocke saying that Jack seemed like the obvious choice. Nods to the audience are my favorite part of the show.
    Best shot was Jack dropping the jump-punch just before the commercial break. So B-A.
    Best Sideways awakening was Sawyer and Juliet with the “let’s get a cup of coffee” that she said when she died. I loved that especially after seeing Jack connect to the Sideways-Purgatory as he died and knowing Juliet was just doing the same…
    Best moment came between Hurley and Ben saying you were a great #1/#2. You could just tell that they had a real mutual connection and tons of memories of adventures that we’ll never see but were obviously important in their lives as new Jacob and new Richard.

    I assume no Michael, Walt, Ecko, etc was because the actors just did not want to come back or didn’t get along with the producers, but it was disappointing not to see them.

    I would have liked to know how the group that got away on the airplane did when arriving back in the real world, but I guess the point is that the island was their best time of life, being together and fixing their flaws.

    I’m holding out on watching Jimmy Kimmel because I want to pretend like it’s not over yet.

  3. David says:

    I, too, loved the finale. It brought closure, and while it didn’t wrap up everything, it wrapped up enough to keep me satisfied. The universalist church business was a little hokey for me. However, on the whole I felt like the producers made enough sense of the situation to keep me sane.

    And, added bonus, I just learned that we’re getting a dog thanks to Lost!

  4. Fred says:

    Seriously, WHAT HAPPENED TO WALT???? Poor kid. Anybody else notice that all the black characters got shafted? Plus, how the heck did the Polar Bear make it to the Island? That never got explained to my satisfaction.

  5. Mimi says:

    Besty and David, wish you could have been with us. We had a blast pretending that the LOST finale was the superbowl, complete with preshow and expensive commercials. How great were the Target commercials??

    I agree with all of Patrick statements. I left last night feeling a little frustrated, but after some time to think about it, I feel better. The whole thing was very emotional. I cried at most of the revelation moments, ESPECIALLY the Charlie/Claire.

    I am left feeling sad for two reasons:
    1. I really wanted to see Walt/hear more about his story. He was always one of my favorites.
    2. I wanted to see some off island life after the plane, especially Claire seeing Aaron. I will just assume that they had a great reunion.

  6. Betsy says:

    Very interesting. Thanks for passing along the link, Patrick. Makes me sad that he was so demanding with payment. Boo.

  7. Betsy says:

    We didn’t watch any of the commercials so I’ll have to check out the Target ones. Yes, I wish I could have seen the reunion between Claire and Aaron. I loved seeing the plane flying over at the end. Jack seemed so at peace with where he was too. I want to go back and rewatch the revelations. Apparently the Michael actor was on Jimmy Kimmel last night. I still haven’t watched it yet because I’m in denial that it’s done. I love that Jimmy Kimmel’s such a huge fan of the show!

  8. Drew Voyles says:

    I just read where David said that all thanks to Lost, ya’ll are getting a Dog…. Now that’s what I’m talking about…!!! What a true testimony to the greatness & the legacy of a TV Show.

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