Happy Summer!

Summer’s here!  I finished up school last week and June is a whirlwind of travel for me.  Last weekend I went to Sea Island with some friends and tonight I’m heading north to be in a wedding in St. Michael’s, Maryland.  Becky, one of my best friends from high school, is marrying a college friend of mine, Peyton.  (He owns an NYC suit company, Alton Lane, so it’s going to be one hip and trendy event.)

High School Buddies

High School Buddies

After a weekend of wedding fun on the Shore, I’m staying up north in Alexandria for the week until my 10-year high school reunion the following weekend.  Wow.  Lots of events and time away but I couldn’t be more excited.  Summer means travel, which can mean anxiety for those of us with celiac.

Just remember a few simple tips to make your gluten-free travels less stressful:

-       Plan ahead: Investigate and take the time to research.  I’ve talked to the caterers for the wedding this weekend and they’re going above and beyond to help me out so there are thankfully some meals I don’t have to worry about.

-       “Be Prepared:” Yup, it’s the Boy Scout motto but it works really for us gluten-free eaters too.  Sometimes there’s no option for you at a wedding reception or an event.  Don’t go hungry.  Have plenty of snacks and a cute purse (or your date’s blazer) to carry them.

-       Research the area: Look for blogs by gluten-free writers in the area you’re visiting or even find the chains (like Outback) that always have gluten-free menus.

-       Find Access to a Kitchen (and use it): Last weekend at the beach we had a kitchen and we ate most of our meals in the house.  We made a group trip to the grocery store and divided up the meals by gender.  I trusted the people I was with and it made me feel better to know that David was in the other cooking group so he would keep me safe from glutens.  You don’t need to go out to eat for every meal on vacation and you’re probably safer if you don’t.

The guys' gluten-free dinner at Sea Island.

The guys' gluten-free dinner at Sea Island.

Beef tenderloin, mushroom-asparagus risotto & salad: Delicious!

Beef tenderloin, mushroom-asparagus risotto & salad: Delicious!

-       Explore non-eating activities, such as:

Go for a hike…



Go to a museum…

Betsy and David Trip to France 2006 011

Go wine tasting…


Walk on the beach, looking for sand dollars…



or (my favorite) lie by the pool and read.


All are gluten-free!

Please share your travel advice and tips for those with food allergies.  Safe travels this summer and happy (gluten-free) eating!

  1. Chili T. says:

    Thanks for the timely tips, sweet Bets! I have definitely packed a stash of KIND bars for my travels to VA, and my sweet friend Cosby has already accumulated a stash of some GF cereal and snacks for our indulgence. We’ll also be chowing on a lot of fresh seafood, which is naturally delicious AND gluten-free! I feel a LOT better now…
    thanks be to God for good friends!

    HAVE A GLORIOUS coming adventure, lady, and I hope to see you upon your return from your 10th reunion — whoop whoop!

  2. David says:

    Great memories. Thanks for this post.

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