June = Reality TV at its best

David and I love watching sports.  All kinds of sports.  A good weekend involves some type of athletic competition and at least one “S.I.N.” (a “sports induced nap”).  I prefer college basketball; David would probably say his favorite is college football.  We have an ongoing debate in our family as to what the greatest month of sports is.  You know, the best combination of athletic events found in a one month period.  David’s favorite month of sports is April because you have the NCAA Final Four Tournament, the Masters, NBA playoffs, and the start of baseball.  I tend to go with January because you gt the tail end of the college bowl games, NFL playoffs, and you can find college basketball on your TV almost every night.  (And really, I just want lots of college basketball…March is a close 2nd for me.)

strasburg The summer months tend to be a bit of a drag for me in the wide world of sports.  I really could care less about the NHL and baseball is such a long season.  Fortunately, Strasburg is now pitching for the Nationals and the World Cup will make this summer much more exciting.  In fact last Sunday I felt like it was football season again as I watched Germany handed it to Australia on my friend Chris’s flat screen, while David took a “S.I.N.” on the couch.  (Remember, we don’t have a TV this year so we mooch off of our friends.)  Weekends revolving around sports are the best.


Since Wilbon and Tony don’t have a ton to talk about on “PTI” in June, besides the ever-changing Big 10, my media focus moves to the reality TV genre.  I’ve decided that while January is the best sports month, June wins the award for the best month of reality TV in 2010.  Why?  Good question.

The Bachelorette” is in full swing and Ali is finally down to just 10 men so I can actually tell the difference between each of them.  There’s not a whole lot of diversity in the group on first glance so you have to get to know them.  I now have my favorites and my least favorites.  I’ve chosen my predictions for Final 3: Chris L., Roberto and Frank.  You clearly know at this point who is crazy (can we say Kasey with a “K”?) but it’s not too far into the season that Ali has finally convinced the producers to get rid of the whackos.  (Well, the weatherman did leave this week.  It was time.)

I Heart Roberto.

I Heart Roberto.

“The Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Fresh Meat II” aired its final episodes this month.  For those of you that didn’t watch (and I’m sure that includes most of you), the exiles were insane and the final challenge involved climbing a mountain with ice picks.  Lots of whining and F-bombs were also present in the final episode.  Not as much drama as usual though.


The final reason why June marks the greatest month for reality TV this year is the premier of “Top Chef: DC.”  Premiering tonight, I’m eager to see where they filmed, what they’re doing, and who are the next big stars in the culinary world.


What are your thoughts on the reality TV world?  Is it a dying genre or do people like me keep it in business?  Am I the only one still watching?

  1. CMase says:

    DUUUDE — Re: Bachelorette — Supposedly FRANK reunites with his exGF — I KNOW — I love him too. But I totally think you are right about Roberto and Chris — and I think Kirk will replace Frank. So glad weatherman is gone. Next up: Krazy Kasey and Rated R. Thank goodness. I almost fell off the couch about the tatoo… SHEESH.

  2. Betsy says:

    Oh yeah…Rated R is so ridiculous too! Sad about Frank. I guess I’m out of the loop on the gossip! Tattoo=bad idea.

  3. David says:

    I wish this were a dying genre. Instead, it continues to be a train-wreck from which I struggle–and often fail–to avert my eyes.

  4. John Jones says:

    My only comment is that to call the genre “reality TV” is quite hilarious, since nothing could be more scripted or artificial. I have felt that way ever since the first “Survivor” season way back when.

  5. Alden says:

    Oh it is very much alive if both of the Watts children (and complicit spouses) can keep it going despite neither of them having TVs and one of them living on another continent. Hooray for June!

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