Yeah! Burger Makes a Solid Start


Last night I enjoyed my first dinner at Westside’s newest burger joint, Yeah! BurgerAs I mentioned previously, this causal spot offers gluten-free buns, made in a gluten-free facility so there is no worry about contamination.  All of the burgers are cooked in a separate area of the grill from the glutenous buns and they use separate utensils.  The cooks have also received instruction from gluten-free expert, Jennifer Harris, on contamination and how to be ‘safe’ in the kitchen.


I have been eager to try out this new restaurant since I learned about Shaun Doty’s new restaurant months ago.  My inaugural visit to Yeah! Burger last night did not disappoint!  The atmosphere at Yeah is very casual and not as fancy as some of the other trendy burger boutiques in the area.  You order at the counter and they bring your meal to your table.  Beverage options include “help yourself” fountain soda and an assortment of beer, wine and cocktails.  Envision nicer, fresher, fast food with a much cooler vibe. IMG_1271

You can choose from, beef burger, bison, turkey and grilled chicken.  (There’s a veggie burger too but I’m not sure if it’s gluten-free.)  Upon the recommendation of my friend, Meredith, I ordered the bison burger.  Sometimes bison can be really dry, since it’s a lower fat meat, but this burger was very juicy and perfectly cooked.  I added American cheese, tomatoes, grilled onions and lettuce to my bison patty.  (They were out of cheddar at 6:30 on Sunday so I’m guessing they had more business than anticipated this weekend…the American cheese option was pretty darn good too.)  It was a delicious combination, especially the grilled onions.  Besides the cheese, those particular options were free.  You can also add ‘special’ toppings for an added cost, such as chili and avocado.

IMG_1276 While there’s an extra charge for the GF bun, this bun is totally worth the cost.  The bun is not too thick and you don’t need copious amounts of water to wash it down.  The folks at Yeah toast the buns in a toaster dedicated to cooking just the gluten-free buns.  If you don’t feel like paying extra for a GF bun, you can get a lettuce wrap instead.


Of course there’s nothing better when enjoying a gluten-free burger in one hand to munch on French fries in the other.  The GF fries at Yeah! Burger are hand-cut and made in a special, gluten-free fryer. The fries taste very similar to Boardwalk fries if you’ve ever tried those.  Fresh, delicious and nicely salted.  So good.


There was some confusion among the management regarding the sauces that Yeah offers.  You get one sauce free with your order of a burger and they all sounded interesting.  Initially the woman taking my order told me that none of the sauces were gluten-free.  (Side note: I would always rather someone tell me that nothing’s gluten-free at a restaurant than say, “Oh, I’m sure it’s fine.”)  I did inquire further with the manager and he thought none of the sauces were gluten-free either, but when I asked about the honey mustard, he pulled out the list of ingredients and all of the ingredients were GF, so I ordered some.  (I enjoyed the honey mustard, but there was definitely a spicy kick to it.)  It would be great to have a little clarification on which sauces are gluten-free or if they do recommend staying away from them entirely.


It’s clear that Yeah, Burger is still working out some kinks, but I thoroughly enjoyed my delicious meal.  While I likeWestside’s other fancy burger spot, Flip Burger, a lot, these two places are pretty different.  Yeah, Burger is a little bit cheaper, more casual and family friendly.  Yeah, Burger focuses on the ‘build your burger’ idea whereas Flip emphasizes the unique versions of burgers created by the chefs (i.e. lamb, venison, etc.) Flip is one of my favorite neighborhood spots but the music is so loud there (Yes, I know I sound like an old woman.)   I don’t have to have a GF bun when I eat a burger, but the GF fries put Yeah, Burger ahead in the burger boutique competition for me.

I have a feeling that I’ll be enjoying quite a few more summer meals at Yeah.  Let me know what you’ve tried and enjoyed at Yeah, Burger.

IMG_1269Yeah, Burger – 1168 Howell Mill Rd. – Atlanta, GA 30318

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  1. Taylor says:

    Hi, Betsy! Thanks for your review, I enjoyed it. I, too, had my first YEAH! Burger yesterday. And it was the bomb!! I loved it!! oh, my gosh! I will return there again & again.
    I had a pimiento cheese burger, on a gf bun, w/Ketchup, mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato, jalapeno, dill pickles & grilled Vidalia onions. My mouth is watering, just repeating this! ‘-)
    I had a different experience than you w/the sauces, Betsy, & hope they got it right! Initially, the person taking my order thought the YEAH! special sauce was not gluten free, but ck’d w/one of the owners & returned & said it was. I passed on it, b/c it’s a chipotle mayo, & I’m not a fan of smoky flavors.
    I met both the owners, the manager & one of the cooks. They were all great & the wait staff was, as well. I also had a Green’s Pale Ale @ nearly half the price that it used to be @ Pizza Fusion! (ssshh… don’t tell the YB folks that – wouldn’t want them to raise the price! ‘-)
    Thanks again for the review & I look forward to us crossing paths sometime!

  2. kelly says:

    mmmmmm…. i am hungry reading this.
    after school today, molly and i were having a snack and she said, “mommy, what foods do you miss since you don’t eat gluten anymore?”
    i said, “i really miss ordering a cheeseburger at a restaurant, Einstein bagels and krispy kreme doughnuts.”
    i would LOVE this restaurant in richmond – doubt carytown burger and fry would ever get on the gluten-free ball!
    your blog is great, betsy – i just love love love it – i wish i were nearer your kitchen :)

  3. Betsy says:

    You’ve got to come down to Atlanta and try one of these buns. They’re awesome! I miss bagels too and just haven’t found a great one. I put cream cheese on toasted GF cinnamon raisin bread, which I think is better than GF bagels but still not the real deal.

  4. Betsy says:

    Good to know about the other sauces. I hope they’ll clearly mark on the menu which ones are GF so that people will have some clarity and will feel confident in their selections. My husband got the pimento cheese and loved it!

  5. Becky says:

    I went yesterday for a birthday lunch and it was awesome! One friend got the gluten-free bun “to show solidarity” and agreed it was comparable to a regular bun. Everything was delicious, it was so nice to get a burger, fries, and beer that looked like everyone else’s and not feel like I was making all sorts of “weird” requests. Will definitely return.

  6. Karen Schanding says:

    We had lunch at Yeah! Burger this afternoon. I don’t think I have ever seen my 7 year old, Karabel, so happy while eating. She was smiling, giggling and devouring her gluten free food. I am six and a half months pregnant and had just about given up on eating out safely during my pregnancy. Yeah! Burger was a wonderful treat for me. My family and I have been gluten free for three years, and I can honestly say they had the best gluten free bun I have ever eaten. I spoke to Jennifer about the sauces and she said that their consultant is coming out to the restaurant soon to certify which of the sauces are gluten free. At the present time, the ones they are sure are gluten free are as follows: Hot Alabama Relish, Roasted Garlic Aioli and the Yeah! Sauce. The ketchup is gluten free (Heinz) but the mustard and mayo are not. They do have Hellmann’s mayo packets and Heinz mustard packets available by the straws and napkins. They told me they were not sure if the honey mustard sauce was gluten free, so I stuck with the Heinz packets. Their nitrate free bacon is gluten free, but Shaun’s chili and the napa slaw are not. Jennifer also told me they are working with their bakery, Pureknead, on a yummy gluten free hot dog bun.

  7. Meg says:

    I was diagnosed with Celiac at the end of April, and I haven’t had a french fry since that time. My husband and I are having our dinner date here Saturday night and I could not be more excited. I have been drooling over a good gf bun, but add fries to the mix. I think I have died and gone to gf foodie heaven. I’ll let you know what I think, but I can’t imagine that it could be anything other than delicious. I will gladly stick with the Heinz ketchup and mayo until they get everything worked out that is a small sacrifice to make. Hooray-fries!

  8. Betsy says:

    Sounds like a great date night. Let me know how your food was!

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