Meals from a Gluten-Free Kitchen

I’m excited to announce my latest article just came out in Atlanta’s Finest Dining Magazine. Not only am I happy that I’ve gotten published again (woohoo!), but I’m also thrilled that a mainstream magazine is committed to giving attention to the gluten-free community.


Please check out my article, “Enjoying the Seasonal Bounty.”  Isn’t “bounty” such a great word.  I have to give my friend Mary Stuart credit for the use of bounty associated with local food.  We get to share in the bounty of what our local farmers harvest, even in these swelteringly hot summer months.

Thank you, Farmers (Paige, Justin, Joe, Judith, Nicholas, Gretchen, John, Ashley, Stephanie, and many others), for working your tails off so we can eat your delicious food.

Meals from a Gluten-Free Kitchen: Enjoying the Seasonal Bounty


  1. Taylor says:

    Congrats! This is so great. I’m glad the GF message is becoming more mainstream.

  2. Betsy says:

    Thanks for the support!

  3. Chili T. says:

    FANTASTIC ARTICLE, Bets! Thank YOU for the bounty of goodness you give us, your readers, with each and every post, and congratulations on this successful and delectable article (and quinoa recipe)!

  4. Tommy J says:

    Move over Julia Child, Betsy Metcalf is here.

  5. Alden says:

    Lovely article, Bets, and the thought of roasted okra almost has me in tears. Will you make it for me next summer? And where is the giant picture of you?

  6. RAD says:

    Fabulous article B…love seeing your name in print! I can’t wait to try and recreate your quinoa and okra!

  7. Thomas says:

    Great article Bets! Congrats!

  8. Betsy says:

    I will absolutely make it for you next summer! Can’t wait to be on the Shore together. Yes, no photo of me this time. I guess they liked the tomatoes better than my glamor shot.

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