Urban Pl8′s Revamped Gluten-Free Friendly Menu

As you know, I love the Westside’s Urban Pl8 and the delicious food they serve.  Well, my friends, it just got even better.  Chef/owner Betsy Pitts has completely revamped their entire menu, making pretty much everything gluten-free friendly.  She is now making all soy sauce in-house and completely gluten-free.  Bread crumbs are made with rice Chex so anything breaded is GF too.  Yes, that means we can indulge in crab cakes at stir fryat Urban Pl8.  Pitts also uses gluten-free bread, upon request, for any of her sandwiches and burgers.

I think my new favorite item comes from Urban Pl8’s brunch menu: blueberry almond meal griddle cakes with maple syrup.  Delicious!  While Pitts has many great egg dishes, it’s such a treat to be able to order non-egg items for brunch.

David and I went to Urban Pl8 twice last week (once for brunch and once for dinner).

For brunch, I indulged in the almond cakes and roasted sweet potatoes.


sweet potatoes

For dinner, I went with the chipotle rubbed hanger steak with sweet potatoes (of course!) and asparagus.


We also shared the beet and goat cheese salad and the Vietnamese chicken wraps for appetizers.  The wraps were delicious, with a perfect crunch.

goat cheese

chicken wrap In addition to being gluten-free friendly, Urban Pl8’s new menu also caters to those following the paleo diet.  Many of their items are paleo-friendly too and are indicated on the menu.  Check out Urban Pl8′s new menu online.

  1. altagal says:

    Did I miss something or are the gluten free items not marked.

  2. Chili T. says:

    and more

    Can we go there when ya’ll get back, missy?!?!?!


  3. Betsy says:

    There are asteriks next to all of the items on the menu that can be made gluten-free, which is pretty much all of them.

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