A Different Kind of Doctor


Whenever I’m looking for fashion tips, love advice, the latest gossip, or just witty banter, I head to Elaney.  I heart Elaney and her daily e-thoughts.  (Of course some of her topics I don’t fully understand since I’m not as trendy as she is, but I love a good e-mum quote or her thoughts on ‘The Bachelor.’)

Recently Elaney welcomed Dr. Love to her blog team for a day of guest blogging.  Dr. Love didn’t hold back when sharing his thoughts, advice and sometimes too clear instructions on love and relationships.  I must admit; I was pretty amused.  If you want a good laugh to start out your week, check out his posts.  (This guy must be unemployed because he blogged at least four times in one day!)  So take your pick, or, like me, read them all: Dr. Love #1, Dr. Love #2, Dr. Love #3, Dr. Love #4

Happy Monday!

  1. elaney says:

    Yay!! Thanks for the shout out. Reader Betsy and Dr. Love are always welcome at elaney. I am still laughing…can’t pick the fav!!

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