Get Ready Virginia Highlands…here comes YEAH! Burger

I’m a bit biased to Atlanta’s Westside, but I do love Virginia Highlands.  Murphy’s, Paolo’s Gelato, MetroFresh, and all of the quirky boutiques are just of the few reasons to leave the Westside and head across town.


But, now there’s a new excuse to head to Virginia Highlands: a new YEAH! Burger is opening for business on Thursday, November 4th, right in the heart of VA Highlands.  This opening is great news because YEAH is one of my favorite, quick dinner places and I’m confident, each time I go that they will take care of my gluten-free needs.

What do I love about YEAH! Burger?  Here are just a few:

  • YEAH! Sauce (on my burger & fries)
  • Pure Knead’s gluten-free buns
  • The bison burger with cheddar and grilled onions
  • GF French fries AND onion rings (Oh, and you can order a combo if you’re indecisive like me!)
  • October’s burger of the month, the lamb burger, is also GF
  • YEAH’s eco-friendly and organic…yay for being responsible citizens!

What do you love about YEAH! Burger?  What’s your favorite made to order combination?

YEAH! Burger – 1017 North Highland Avenue – Atlanta, GA

  1. Jonathan says:

    My only beef with YEAH burger is that they didn’t tell me until the fourth time I ordered a veggie burger with GF bun and GF fries that the veggie patty itself is NOT GF. wtf? Anyway, Farm Burger in Decatur – which, let’s be honest – has a burger that runs laps around YEAH, is now providing GF buns!!! The bun itself is not as good as the bun at YEAH, but the burger and floats make up for it.

  1. [...] wanted to let you guys know that the new YEAH! Burger in Virginia Highlands is actually going to be opening its doors on Thursday, November 11th, not this weekend, as [...]

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