Design Your Own Cereal

I love cereal.  Yes, it’s always fun to have a gluten-free cinnamon raisin English muffin as a treat, but I just can’t get enough cereal.  In fact I give my cereal great thought in the morning and I end up combining lots of different cereals to make my perfect mixture of fiber, flavor, and textures.  I think it takes me longer to make my bowl of cereal than scrambled eggs.  I enjoy combining Nature’s Path Mesa Sunrise and Cinnamon Chex.  I top it with raisins, flaxseed meal and a little homemade granola.  The cinnamon Chex adds some sweetness but I still get good fiber from the flax and Mesa Sunrise.  (We celiacs need to make sure we get enough fiber in our diet.)

Gotta love the logo!

Gotta love the logo!

Going along with my love for cereal and cereal combinations, I’ve discovered this website: Custom Choice Cereals

I still have not sampled their product, but I’m loving the idea.  You get to pick the combination of ingredients. They ship it to you.  Custom Choice even sells gift cards for the holidays.

Cereal + dried fruit + nuts = yum

Has anyone tried this product yet?  Thoughts?  What would you pick for your cereal combination?

  1. Mere says:

    This is like my dream come true website! I typically combine fiber with some sort of “O” and some sort of “Flake/cluster” combo. I top with frozen blueberries and banana :) Scott’s always done with his breakfast before I even sit down!

  2. Betsy says:

    Oh yum! Frozen blueberries sounds like a great addition. I like strawberries too!

  3. Chili T. says:

    This potential makes me weak in the knees…

    I love putting cinnamon on top of a glorious mixture of such goodness as:

    mesa sunrise, rice chex, corn chex, udi’s vanilla granola, whole O’s, and peanut butter puffs. Talk about explosion of flavor; it’s just breathtaking. :)

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