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Last Friday, I received a package from Katz Gluten Free Bake Shoppe.  I felt like it was Christmas as I dove into the package full of goodies!  This certified gluten-free bakery offers a huge variety of different treats to order.  Not only are Katz’s items gluten-free, but also dairy and nut free.  Many folks who stay away from gluten, also try to avoid dairy, so Katz is the perfect option.  (I try to limit my dairy, but it’s not completely banned for me…I love ice cream and cheese too much.)

katz gf

Recently Katz came out with two new products, which I got to sample: Rugelach and Chocolate Cupcakes.  For those of you that don’t know, rugelach is a traditional Jewish dessert, involving a crescent roll with some type of filling.  Katz sent me the vanilla and cinnamon varieties, but they also sell a chocolate flavor.  These sweet treats are perfect with my afternoon cup of tea.  I’m particularly a big fan of the cinnamon and I really enjoy the texture.  Our friends, Scott and Meredith, (who are gluten eaters) also enjoyed trying them!  The Rugelachs are a great item to bring to a party, if you don’t have time to make your own.  It’s a little something different than the typical holiday cookies.

katz rug 1

rug 2

The chocolate cupcakes (with sprinkles!)  were also a nice Saturday afternoon treat, but I could taste the ‘dairy-free’ aspect of them more than in the rugelach.  After letting mine thaw, I heated it in the microwave for a few seconds, which was a nice touch.  Definitely chocolatey and the cake part was nice, but I usually go for a creamier frosting.  (Since Katz ships their items, this isn’t necessarily an option for them.)  My favorite GF cupcakes are from Buzz Bakery and Cake Love in Virginia, but if I can’t get them fresh from the bakery, Katz is a nice option to have.

katz cupcakes 1

I also have a loaf of their marble cake in my freezer now that I’m going to wait and enjoy in 2011, when I return from all of my travels!  I love looking forward to treats!

I definitely suggest checking out Katz’s website to see for yourself just how much they have to offer.  And, for those of you that want to stock up, they offer free shipping for orders over $30!  (Remember, you can freeze GF baked goods easily so you don’t have to worry about items spoiling.)  Their cinnamon strip looks absolutely ridiculous.

So not only did I get to sample Katz’s items, but I want YOU to try them too.  I’m hosting a Katz Giveaway on Gluten Freedom for a free sample pack of Katz items.  If you comment on this post, or become a fan of Gluten Freedom on Facebook, you will be entered in the raffle.  I will do the drawing for the Katz gift pack at noon on December 31st.  (I’ll be in Japan between now and then!)

And, there’s an even bigger giveaway!  Drum roll, please…

Click here to enter Katz’s January 3rd raffle, for your chance to win a goodie box, with one of everything Katz makes.  That’s a lot of stuff.  Amazing, right?

In the midst of all of the holiday parties, full of glutenous items, I’m thankful to have my supply of Katz goodies to keep my sweet tooth satisfied.

  1. MSI says:

    You know I love to win!
    Hopefully I will have a better time than at Catan.
    Katz stuff looks great.

  2. Chili T. says:

    Coo-coo for KATZ goodies!

  3. Miller says:

    This stuff looks great! Amber Vestal told me about your blog (we used to live in Atlanta) and I have made many of your recipes! Anyway I just wanted to say hi!

  4. Betsy says:

    Thanks for reading Gluten Freedom, Miller! I’ve checked out your blog too. Thanks for linking to me. :) I’m jealous you guys get to live in St. Simon’s.

  5. Mere says:

    Katz me! I love LOVED those cinnamon things! So yummy :)

  6. Casie says:

    I love reading your blog! Would love to win something from Katz….looks yummy!

  7. Anne Steib says:

    I am already a fan, and love Katz products! I only wish I could find it as easily in Atlanta as I could in Chicago. Do you know where they are available locally?

    Have a fab trip to Japan!

  8. kt says:

    Won a GF Katz marble cake around Thanksgiving. Both Celiac son and I loved it. Would love to try their Challah bread. I miss Challah bread french toast. Would be great to have in the new year!

  9. Betsy says:

    And the winner of our drawing is….KT! Thanks everyone for entering. KT, I’ll be contacting you via email so the Katz folks can send you your goodies. :)

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