Gluten-Free Week at the kitchn

It’s ‘Gluten Free Week’ at  This website, full of great recipes is focusing this week on all gluten-free recipes and food conversations.  Click here to learn more.


One of my favorite posts from the week is “Cocoa to Cornstarch: Are these 10 ingredients gluten-free?”

I always want to applaud a mainstream foodie website or magazine for giving attention to gluten-free eaters.

It’s always “Gluten-Free Week” at Gluten Freedom!

  1. JgailB says:

    Thanks for your post on traveling outside with celiac. I took my first post-diagnosis, overseas trip after the holidays. My husband and I went to Hawaii, and I’m thrilled to say I was healthy the entire time. We did a lot of cooking in the condo, and the grocery store items were very familiar. When we went out, people were mostly aware of the complications of celiac. At one Luau I was able to eat pork, sweet potatoes, and salad (no dessert!). It was rather limited comparatively (the buffet was huge), but I would always rather the chef be super careful than insist, “Oh, there’s no bread in that- you’ll be fine!” I did want to let your readers know about a GREAT g-free bakery in Kauai, called Sweet Maries bakery It was soooo great to drive over grab a cup of coffee and some fresh muffins to go. She also does special orders, and has a wide selection of desserts available. This place was awesome! Of course, the whole trip was great- and we got back to the ATL just in time for the winter storm- oh well. Thanks for your post!

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