Therapists, Seal, and Adios Vampire: Bachelor, Week 3

Still spoilers in this post if you haven’t yet watched this week’s episode…

bachelor logoThis week wasn’t too memorable for me.  Hence, I’ve waited until Friday to share my thoughts with you.  Here’s all I’ve got:

  • It’s only taken me four days to get “Kiss from a Rose” out of my head.  I love you, Seal, but Brad and Ashley S. butchered your work.  That’s what happens when you agree to perform on ‘The Bachelor.’  Maybe you should reevaluate your manager.
I mean, I know I love the Bachelor, but could it really help Seal's sales that much?

I mean, I know I love the Bachelor, but could it really help Seal's sales that much?

  • Michelle continues to be manipulative and annoying.  Brad loves every second of it.
  • There was yet another group date that involved a film set, a ‘wrap party,’ and night swimming. (Cue back tattoo.)  I’m looking for a little more creativity, ABC!
It wouldn't really be a complete episode without seeing Brad's tatt.

It wouldn't really be a complete episode without seeing Brad's tatt.

  • Widow Emily finally shared her story with Brad.  The jury’s still out for me on Emily.  I’ve found in talking to my fellow Bachelor watchers (and there are more of us than you think), people feel strongly one way or another about Emily.  One thing I did not love was Emily’s jumper outfit. Side note: I found it cruel of the producers to put Emily on a date that involved a private plane.
  • Brad’s ‘therapist in L.A.’ made an appearance, telling Brad to “make these women feel comfortable” so they will show him who they are.  Translation: “Every woman is going to take an emotional dump on you, Brad.”  There were more tears and sob stories this week than I think I’ve ever witnessed in Bachelor history.  And let’s be honest, no one can trump Widow Emily’s story so they all seem a little silly in comparison.
  • Shawntel (not to be confused with Chantal O.) came out of the woodwork as an action fighter in this episode.  She’s one of my new favorites and I’m impressed that Brad has sense enough to like her.
Shawntel: not Chantal

Shawntel: not Chantal

  • I still maintain that Madison is normal.  Sad to see her go this week, fangs and all.
  • My girls, Lisa and Britt, made it another week but they’ve got to get their game faces on if they want see week 5.
  • Is it just me, or are way too many roses being given out during the show, instead of just waiting for the rose ceremony?  (I think the producers are trying to create more drama, if that’s even possible.)

PS: Did anyone see Chris Harrison host Miss America last weekend?  Of course I did.  That guys got it made.

Until next week…

  1. A Bachelor Rookie says:

    This is a helpful synopsis. Thanks. Two comments:

    1) Your screen shot of the back tatt is incredible — tonight might be worth watching just b/c of that
    2) Based on what I heard yesterday, it seems like there might be a difference of opinion within Camp Gluten Freedom about Widow Emily. I’ll weigh in with my thoughts after tonight.

  2. Betsy says:

    Bachelor Rookie,
    Thanks for your thoughtful comments and appreciation of the back tatt. Great to have you as an addition to our viewing group, even if it was against your will. Any thoughts on Widow Emily now?

  3. A Bachelor Rookie says:

    Widow Emily vaulted into the lead (in my mind) last night. Also, as an aside, he should have dumped Michelle and kept Jackie.

    No longer a rookie,

  4. Betsy says:

    I completely agree with you ABR, that Michelle needs to go. Unfortunately, I think she’ll be with us for at least two more weeks. Did you hear about her and Carlos Boozer?

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