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*Beware: spoiler alert!

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Last night’s episode of The Bachelor brought us to the final four bachelorette’s hometowns.  For the most part, these visits went smoothly and there were no major disasters as in previous seasons.  (Ah, memories!)

Before I get started, did anyone else notice that Brad was wearing a beret in the opening scene?  Wow.  Classy guy.

Brad first went to meet Chantal O.’s family in Seattle.  Turns out they basically live in a castle and her mom’s face looks pretty plastic.  (I wish they told us what her parents do for a living.)  Nonetheless, Brad and Chantal O’s dad bonded over their “Daddy issues.”  I wanted to listen to their serious conversation, but I was too distracted, trying to count the number or wine bottles in the wine cellar.  (Note: Chantal O’s father is the only one Brad asked for his blessing to marry his daughter.)

And, I’m glad this didn’t seem to bother Brad, but two cats and a little dog = deal breaker.  Sorry, Chantal O.

Then it was off to Madawasca, Maine, with Ashley. This was my favorite home town date, even if Ashley’s enthusiasm and energy entirely exhausts me.  Ashley’s family seemed normal enough…well, until Ashley told her parents that she wanted to sleep with Brad on the floor of the living room, and that didn’t seem to bother them.  Did you catch from her dad’s conversation that Ashley’s not actually a dentist, and hasn’t finished dentistry school?  I feel so deceived.  Good work this week, Ashley.  You only mentioned ‘disconnect’ once in a semi-joking, semi-passive aggressive way.  It looks like next week you won’t do as well on this front.  I did laugh a little when Brad told Ashley he could see himself living in Madawasca.  I don’t think so, Brad, but I like the sentiment.

Next stop, Chico, CA with Shawntel N. of Newton Brasewell Funeral Home.  Ok, I stand corrected on the two cats and one dog deal breaker.  The only bigger deal breaker than owning two cats and a little dog, is starting your home town date with a funeral home tour.  Yikes!  And I hate to judge, but Shawntel’s dad sort of fit what I picture as a funeral home director, mustache and all.  Shawntel nicely waited until that night to tell her family that she would consider moving to Austin.  This caused a major rift as her dad is relying on her for his retirement security and the town of Chico needs Shawntel.  Duty calls!  After this date, I had a feeling Shawntel would be left without a rose as long as Brad’s time with Em didn’t involve a funeral home.

The beginning of Brad’s date in Charlotte, with Emily, was the most anxious I’ve ever seen Brad.  He really wanted to impress Little Ricky and ultimately he did.  What better way to win over a child than bring gifts?  Brad’s still completely smitten with Emily but I just can’t see them together in the end.  I don’t know that Brad is really ready for parenthood, no matter how attracted he is to Emily.  Brad was freaked out to kiss Emily while Ricky was asleep upstairs.  This could be problematic for their future romantic relations.  (Oh no, what’s going to happen in the fantasy suite??  Will we have the first contestant to every say ‘no???’  Doubtful.)

The rose ceremony was quick and simple.  Now that there are only four remaining girls, and they’re no longer living together, there’s no drama to be documented.  Shawntel N. did not receive the rose (shocker) so now she can return to Chico and embalm away.

Next week: South Africa or bust!

  1. David says:

    Terrific work with the link to the funeral home! On the “Who We Are Page,” they have a picture of your girl:


  2. Hattie says:

    I promise I’m not usually into shows like this, but I can’t help it–I am really loving this season of The Bachelor. I did notice his hat at the beginning of the episode when Brad was having one of his contemplative moments…hilarious! Keep the recaps coming! xoxo

  3. Megan says:

    Betsy, your love for the Bachelor cracks me up. I don’t think I’ve watched an episode of it since college, but it’s been fun to read your updates from afar this year – I haven’t been able to find it yet in Lebanon :)

  4. A Bachelor Veteran says:

    Re: the link to NBCFH…did you happen to notice their slogan??

    “Caring People, Caring for People” = In-cred-ible!

  5. Kate Mabry says:

    So, what you got against little dogs? My precious lap dogs happen to love the Bachelor, so you all share a common bond that I hope will make them more agreeable in your eyes.

    My thoughts on Chantal O’s castle:

    Did you notice how they staged all of their little chats in various key settings to showcase the monstrosity (er … grandeur) of their humble home? I mean, in typical hometown visits, we watch the family gather around the dinner table, after which the dad and bachelor step out on the back porch for their heart-to-heart, and then we maybe see the whole family reunite in the living room before the bachelor thanks the family for a lovely evening and bids them adieu. Here, however, we go from living room with fancy double staircase, to formal dining room, to porte-cochere with giant bronze statue, to wood paneled study, to plush fireside nook (I’m sure one of 30 or so throughout the house), to wine cellar, to back terrace with amazing waterfront views. Wow, ABC, you got a little camera happy with the richie! I think Chantal O’s stock just went way up in Brad’s portfolio.

  6. Betsy says:

    Reader Kate, your dogs are much cuter than Chantal’s, I promise. And you don’t have the 2 cat/1 dog combo. AND, your dogs have great taste in reality TV!

    Chantal O’s family was definitely over the top and we got to see their entire house. I wonder what kind of wine they were drinking…

  7. Betsy says:

    Thanks for reading the updates, Megan! While you guys were at the Hezbollah Museum for Valentine’s, I watched The Bachelor. Miss you guys!

  8. Betsy says:

    Thanks for reading, Hattie! Every year, I momentarily plan on not watching, but after one episode, I’m sucked back in. It’s hard to believe we’re down to only 3 ladies. Who would have thought this would be the trio?

  9. Kristin says:

    I don’t watch the Bachelor but had the tv on ABC while I was watching something on DVR, so when the DVR’ed show was over, the Bachelor was on. I didn’t catch much except Madawaska, ME, which I’ve been to. My grandma grew up in a very small town near Madawaska called Ste. Agathe (or St. Agatha). So, basically, if her family has been there for any amount of time, there’s a good chance she and I are related. lol

  10. elaney says:

    umm the link to the funeral home. seriously? amazing.

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