Foodie Publications Highlighting Gluten-Free Dishes

I always like seeing major publications giving attention to gluten-free dishes.  Of course my immediate reaction is, “Why can’t you hire me?” but then I move on and actually enjoy the recipes and appreciate the gluten-free shout out.

With the help of Gluten Freedom readers, I’ve found:


Food & Wine’s website has a Gluten-Free Slide Show, with links to each of the recipes.  Of course the rack of lamb looks good to me!


Real Simple’s website has ‘Ten Gluten-Free Dinners’ for you to try.  I’m thinking about making their zucchini stuffed with quinoa.  Yum!

What looks good to you on these sites?  Have you seen any other foodie magazines recognize gluten-free cuisine recently?

  1. Tara says:

    Omigoodness, the zucchini looks awesome! I’m also interested to try the split pea soup from Food & Wine. Thanks for the links! :)

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