Spring has Sprung

spring sprung

This week we’ve had amazing weather in Atlanta, if anything it’s been too warm.  It seems like the higher temperatures are going to be a permanent fixture in ATL from now through the summer, but as someone who’s always cold, I’m ok with that.  Last year was full of weird weather and low temperatures so I’m thrilled to finally experience the early spring in the south.  (I’ll probably regret that statement in a week.)

spring 2

Warm weather gets me fired up about farmers’ markets getting kicked off in the area.  Check out this article from Access Atlanta, that lists the various farmers’ markets in the area.  Personally, I love the Peachtree Saturday Farmers’ Market.  Their selection of veggies, meat and cheeses is great, and parking is easy.  Which market do you prefer?

Veggies at the Peachtree Farmers' Market

Veggies at the Peachtree Farmers' Market

spring peachtree 2

Also, in celebration of spring (well, and my birthday!) David and I are dining at The Hil at Serenbe tonight.  We’re heading down this evening, dining in style and staying for the night at the inn.  If the weather holds up, I’m hoping we’ll go for a run on the Serenbe trails in the morning too.  Good food, fresh air, and time with David.  Perfect.  This is my first time going to The Hil, but I’ve heard many great things about Chef Hilary White and of course, I love the Serenbe produce and the hands that harvest the veggies.

The Hil at Serenbe

The Hil at Serenbe


  1. David says:

    Now your stalkers know where to find us. Uh-oh!

  2. Kristin says:

    Happy birthday! Enjoy… I love Serenbe.

  3. Chili T. says:

    I hope you both relish the time together…and the delicious surrounds! Chef Hilary is wonderful, and I know ya’ll will have the best time…just be caution when you picnic. :)

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