Wall Street Journal Article on Gluten Sensitivity

On Monday, the Wall Street Journal online posted an article entitled, Clues to Gluten Sensitivity.  The article discusses a recent study showing that gluten sensitivity exists and can trigger immune responses in people, such as IBS-like symptoms, bloating, and chronic fatigue, to name a few, and that following a gluten-free diet can help alleviate those symptoms.

This article is good news to me because I hope it will encourage people to consider trying a gluten-free diet who are experiencing some of these wide range of health issues.  As the article states, this study will help assure people that they are not crazy to think that they might feel better without gluten, even if they don’t have celiac disease.  Gluten sensitivity can cause much pain and will hopefully be taken more seriously by doctors as more and more research is done in this area.

  1. Sara H says:

    I read that article in the paper yesterday, and of course thought of you and Anne! Very interesting.

    So glad you’re home safe and sound. I really enjoyed reading Alden’s reflections on the earthquake and tsunami. I know it’s a lot to process, and I hope the transition home has been good for you.

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