A Quiet Easter

easter candy

I’m looking forward to a quiet Easter weekend at Casa Metcalf.  Last year we hosted David’s parents in our little apartment.  It was a perfect opportunity to share Atlanta with them and we even took them down to Serenbe.  No relatives are coming to town this year and we’re not even hosting a large Sunday brunch.  I love being the hostess, but I’m going to enjoy a weekend without entertaining.

For Easter 2010, I made two quiches with some of my favorite eggs and fresh spring produce from Love is Love Farm.  While there’s no Easter luncheon, I’m sure David will still try to convince me to make quiche.

easter quiche

Happy Easter!  Are you making anything fun this Easter weekend?

  1. Chili T. says:

    Happy to hear of your quiet Easter, sweet Bets; we are mostly looking forward to the 6am Easter vigil at church…

  2. that quiche was SO. GOOD. My family had quiche this year, but of course it was not GF so I had to pass! I did have some yummy grits, tho! Annapolis bringing out the Southern charm!

  3. Betsy says:

    We missed you at Easter brunch, Moxie!

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