Google What? Year Two

Occasionally I like to see what Google searches bring people to Gluten Freedom.  Last year I posted here what people were searching to get to Gluten Freedom.

Here are a few of my recent faves from 2011:

  • I would hug the Barefoot Contessa and never let go
  • Japanese superhero made of bread
  • Ashley bachelorette cry
  • Ashley bachelorette age
  • Ashley bachelorette dot dot dot
  • How to cook for a celiac
  • Bentley dumped Ashley
  • Gluten free breakfast Jackson Hole
  • Do you have to disinfect to make gluten free bread
  • Where can I find bachelorette ashley’s jeans?
  • Why I love the eastern shore
  • Teton thai, travel and leisure magazine
  • Drew Brees gluten free diet
  • Wanted Iberian pigs
  • Japan Tokyo celiac
  • Gluten free competitive eating
  • Celiac trendy
  • Googlewhat is glutten free
  • Let them eat cake

So apparently I write about Japan, Bachelorette, Barefoot Contessa, travel and gluten-free food.  Pretty accurate!

  1. Michelle says:

    HAHA- there are some creative searchers on google ;)

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