Re-entry is tough, especially after vacation.  We’ve been back in Atlanta for a week now and it’s been hard to adjust back to “normal life.”  School’s starting, work is ramping up, and I’m longing for Laguna.

David and I spent the most amazing week in Dana Point California, about ten miles south of Laguna Beach, California.  David had accumulated some free nights from his past work travel so we enjoyed the luxuriousness of the St. Regis.  (Yes, I know, I know…I’m officially a yuppy.)

We made a bet before hand about how many celebs we’d see.  Let’s just say I’m pretty disappointed by the fact that we basically saw a total of ½ a celebrity.  We came across one of the women from Real Housewives of Orange County but I don’t think she deserves to be counted as a full celeb.  Do you?

Our half celeb sighting...


Our week in luxury was unlike our typical Metcalf trips.  A friend recently said there are “trips” and there are “vacations.” This was absolutely, unashamedly a vacation.  Zero cooking, no camping, not even a rental car.  It was amazing.  Completely relaxing and rejuvenating.

I love sending postcards and I literally didn’t have anything to say on the cards I wrote.  A typical day in Cali involved sauna and steam in the morning, followed by a long coffee on our porch, a trip to the pool and an afternoon of golf for David.  (I would ride in the cart for 9 holes.) I read three books over the course of the week and got lots of quality time with my favorite person in the world, David.

Oh and of course, my favorite part, cocktails and dinner…

We wined and dined, at the St. Regis and cabbed it into Laguna some nights as well.  There were many delicious meals to share with you and some GF gems as well.

It was a lovely week…

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