American Gra-Frutti: Product Review

You may have seen American Gra-Frutti at your Atlanta Whole Foods or perhaps at a Braves game, in the gluten-free concession stand.

Did you know they’re a local, Atlanta company?

Did you know they are a 100% gluten-free bakery?

Did you know they make a variety of vegan treats?

Well, now you know!  You should check American Gra-Frutti’s website out and learn more.  Recently, they sent me a bunch of treats that I’ve been thoroughly enjoying.  And the ones I can’t yet get to, like a loaf of bread, I just stuck in the freezer for a later date.

This isn’t your typical bakery folks…sure, they have cupcakes, breads, and muffins but just wait, there’s more.  American Gra-Frutti makes two of my favorite items that I have not had since I was diagnosed with celiac FOUR years ago!

#1: Cheese straws: If you grew up in Virginia, like me, or anywhere in the south, you probably share my love for cheese straws.  I freakin’ love cheese straws.  They remind me of the holidays, of the gift baskets my parents always received from their students, and of course, they remind me of cocktail time.  American Gra’Frutti’s cheese straw crackers are so good, I had to keep a close watch on them because David wanted to devour every single one of them from the moment the package was opened.  They’re that good.  Perfectly cheesy, crispy and with a spicy kick.  Just the way I remember them.  And reasonably priced!

#2: Graham crackers: These crispy, sweet treats can be enjoyed a variety of ways (peanut butter and nutella?) but they are best when used for the sandwich of a s’more.  Since we got our package of graham crackers, David and I have started making s’mores all the time.  They’re the perfect dessert, especially now that we’re heading into the cool weather months.  We’ve been cheating a little and just heating up our marshmallows over the grill.  Still delicious!  American Gra-Frutti’s graham crackers hold together perfectly with s’mores, and yes, you can fit two jumbo marshmallows between two of them.

You can order American Gra-Frutti through their website or at the Buckhead Whole Foods.  Where else have you found these treats?

Next time I’ve got my eyes on the carrot cake!  Thank you, American Gra-Frutti for safely making delicious gluten-free food.

PS: Their flat bread with hummus is currently my favorite afternoon snack…

  1. Betsy,

    Thanks so much for this great review of our foods! Beautiful pictures! I am now definitely craving S’mores.

    A note to you and your readers: Our Cheesestraw Crackers and Graham Crackers are unfortunately on back-order at the moment and cannot be found on the shelves of Whole Foods Market. We hope to get them back on the shelves there soon!

    The Cheesestraw Crackers and Graham Crackers are still available from our Marietta Bake House (visit for more information).

  2. Lucy says:

    I love their carrot and zucchini cupcakes!

  3. Katherine says:

    Hesitantly, I placed a single package of the graham crackers into my cart at Whole Foods Ponce (atlanta). I say hesitantly, because gluten free graham crackers, unless I make them myself are disappointing and odd tasting…and of course full of bizarre non-food ingredients like soy flour and canola oil.

    Imagine my delight and that of my gluten free kids when we found these to be not only an acceptable replacement for glutenous, toxic-to-us grahams, but a truly SUPERIOR replacement. They are delicious. And the real-food fat used? Butter! Thank all-that-is-real-and-right in this world.

    I’m paleo most of the time but when life and my taste buds say that it’s time for a treat, sign me up for a smore made with these little squares of goodness. Or just eat them straight out of the bag and dipped in a little Green Valley or Kalona sour cream. Heaven in a snack.

    We are in. We are so, so in.

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