Congratulations, Djokovic!

What a season for Novak Djokovic!  For those of you that follow tennis, you probably know that he beat Nadal last night in four sets to wine the US Open, his third grand slam title of the year.  Impressive, right?  In the 2011 season, he has gone 64-2.  Wow.

While he didn’t seem like the crowd favorite last night in the third set tie break, I was cheering on fellow gluten-freer, Djokovic.  I don’t think you can attribute all of Djokovic’s success this year to his new diet, but it’s definitely playing a role in his victories.  Since going gluten free, Djokovic has had the year of his life on the tennis court.  I’m not advocating that everyone should go gluten free, but I do think we would all feel better if we took the time to figure out which foods our bodies respond well too and which ones make us feel crummy.

And for tennis champion, Djokovic, keep staying away from the glutes!  Congrats on a great year.

  1. tennisman says:

    Djokovic is a joke and a disgrace to the gluten free world . During his interview after winning he said this .

    Q. We know you have changed your diet from the end of last year. I was wondering what you ate last night and what you ate this morning right before the match, and what are you going to do tonight?

    NOVAK DJOKOVIC:I’ll give you a simple answer: last night I didn’t have any gluten, and tonight I will have a bunch of gluten ‑ and alcohol.

    It’s thanks to celebs like him celiac disease is not taken seriously and just a fad diet . If us celiac’s were to pick and choose when to eat gluten we would be very ill . It’s a disgrace athletes and celebs have to the only treatment for celiac disease into a fad diet :(

  2. Betsy says:

    Hi TennisMan. I agree with you and I’m sorry to hear that Djokovic isn’t taking his diet seriously. It does make it more difficult for those of us with Celiac to get restaurants to take us seriously when people engage in the diet half heartedly. Thank you for your concern.

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