Gluten-Free Vendor Fair Tomorrow!

I don’t know about you, but I’ll be at the Hilton Hotel in Norcross at the Atlanta Gluten-Free Expo tomorrow.  Price of admission is only $10, which is a total steal considering you get to fill up on unlimited sweet and savory GF food!  Check out the full list of vendors here.

Some of the vendors I’m most excited about seeing are:

I’m sure I’ll discover new brands I love too!  What are you excited about sampling?

  1. Cheryl Skeen says:

    I agree that World’s Best Carrot Cake is awesome. I bought a couple of their coffee cakes last year and my husband could NOT tell they were gluten free. They are the best!!!!

  2. Hello,
    Are there any upcoming gluten-free vendor fairs for 2012?
    Thank you.

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