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A Mid-Season Bachelorette Recap, Dot, Dot Dot

Posted in TV on July 5th, 2011 by Betsy – 2 Comments

Ashley informing the other guys that she's been pining away for Bentley.

I’ve had a few comments from Gluten Freedom Followers about the fact that I haven’t yet written about this season of The Bachelorette yet. I’d like to say it’s because I’ve matured and no longer watch such trash.  I can’t honestly tell you that.  Here’s why I’ve hesitated to write:

1)    Could there really be that many people (besides me) watching this season?

2)    I do write a food blog so I thought maybe I’d try to be a little more professional and not write as much about reality TV as I have in the past.

3)    Ashley annoys me…she annoys me so much, it’s hard to bring myself to write about her.

But, I can’t completely ignore the show because I am watching and continue to be amazed by the ridiculousness of yet another season of The Bachelorette. And since there wasn’t a new episode last night, I thought I’d give you some of my reflections on the season thus far. (Just because it’s a national holiday doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get two hours with Ashley and Chris Harrison but apparently ABC feels otherwise.)

Some thoughts on this season:

If I hear “dot, dot, dot” or “insecurities” one more time, my head might explode.  Even once Bentley gave Ashley the official “period,” she still kept uttering that absurdly open ended and meaningless phrase, “dot, dot, dot.”

The 1st time Bentley dumped Ashley.

Oh, Bentley, you are scum.  You make Ashley look pitiful and you actually make me feel sorry for her.  I hope your “Play Land” business in Utah is ruined.

Hong Kong: The 2nd time Bentley dumped Ashley. Period.

Way to go, guys, for being ticked off that Ashley was pining away for Bentley, a total loser from Salt Lake City, who even Michelle warned Ashley was bad news.  While you were rowing boats for her love in Hong Kong, Bentley just waltzed in and out of Ashley’s life as he pleased.  (And, wait for it, still dumped her.)  Yes, boys, you should feel like sloppy seconds.

Don't work this hard for Ashley's love, boys.

What is up with the fashion on this season?  Ashley has managed to wear more combinations of drapey shirts and tight pants than I ever thought imaginable.  Whoever is the stylist this season is really into outfitting the guys in shirts with weird lapel thingys on the shoulders (sort of military looking).  Does anyone have a name for these?  Is this some trend that I’m completely missing? (See photo of Ames for an example of what I’m poorly trying to describe.)

Dear Ames, you are a sweetie.  We like you, Ames, but we’re concerned that you live in a bit of a dream world.  (On a whim you just decided to go to Thailand for cooking school?)  Also, you seem to be an odd combination of Frankenstein and an Oompa Loompa, yet cute.


Ames: Check out the shoulders...what do you call those?

Chris Harrison seems really annoyed by Ashley.  (As am I.)  Her high maintenance neediness is too much for this ABC host.  He clearly thought the whole Bentley obsession was over the top.  Chris attempted to counsel her that “he’s just not that into you” but Ashley wouldn’t accept it.

Is it just me or do Ben C. and Constantine look identical?

J.P., are you too good to be true?  We think you’re super cute and you actually seem to like Ashley.  You could be the ultimate winner but I don’t know if your life is sexy enough for Ashley.  I do have plenty of single women I’d like you to meet if it doesn’t work out with Ashley.

Early Favorite, JP


Who is going to make a return appearance in next week’s episode?  My money is on Mickey.  I don’t think Bentley will come back again.  I hope not!  Please, ABC, spare us.

For the five of you out there that are watching this season, who do you think is going to win Ashley’s heart?  Is it possible for her to move on from Bentley?  Are you ask skeptical as me Ashley’s sense of judgment?  Do you think there will be an engagement at the end or will Ashley’s insecurities get the best of her?

Will the relationship end destructively like Brad and Emily?  (Odds are likely.)

Look on the bright side though…at least we have Bachelor Pad starting August 8th.  This season’s cast includes Jake, Vienna and “guard and protect my heart” Kasey (who now dates Vienna).  Let the train wreck continue.  Thank you, ABC.

Most Dramatic Premier Ever? Ashley debuts as the Bachelorette next Monday

Posted in TV on May 17th, 2011 by Betsy – 2 Comments

I tried to fight the urge but I couldn’t…

This time next week we will have met the 25 dudes that are vying for Ashley Hebert’s (Brad Womack’s reject) love in the fifteenth season of Bachelor/Bachelorette.  I’ve got to admit, I’m not as giddy as I normally am about Monday night’s premier, but I’m not a quitter, so I’ll give it a try.  Ashley annoyed me last season and it really irks me that ABC describes her as a dentist, even though she’s yet to finish dental school.  (It’s as if I’ve convinced myself that The Bachelor is a really honest program and Ashley’s profession is the one aspect of the show that’s a lie.)

Ashley, do blonds or brunettes really have more fun?

Ashley, do blonds or brunettes really have more fun?

I do find that 25 bachelors can be a bit refreshing after 25 crying, shrieking, annoying bachelorettes.  Let’s just hope that none of these bachelors are trying to “guard and protect their hearts.”  And I’m SURE they’re all on the show for the right reasons.  Go to The Bachelorette page on ABC’s website, to start placing your bets and picking favorites.  It looks like these boys are all much closer to Ashley’s age than Brad.  And ABC still gives you their tattoo count.  (Come on, ABC, give us something a little more creative.  Tattoo count is like so season 10!)

Some easily answerable questions to get you ready for the premier:

  • Will Monday night give us the most dramatic rose ceremony ever?  Probably not, but ABC will do its best to convince us otherwise.
  • Will Chris Harrison continue his upward trend of getting more and more personality each season and sharing his snarky comments with us, the viewers?  I sure hope so!
  • Will Ashley cry at least once an episode?  Most likely.
  • Will at least one of the bachelors have a fledgling music career?  Almost definitely.
  • Will it be revealed that one of the dreamiest guys has an old flame at home who he still has a texting relationship with? I’d be willing to place bets.
  • Will I be watching the premier on Monday, May 23?  Chris Harrison, you had me at hello.
Please don't cry Ashley. It's not like you're actually going to end up with any of these guys.

Please don't cry Ashley. It's not like you're actually going to end up with any of these guys.

Who are your early favorites for Ashley?  Any clear duds after reading the Bachelor bios?

And, just to get you in the mood:

Bachelor Nick

Bachelor Nick

From Nick’s Bio (age 26, personal trainer/former Yankees player):  What is a typical Saturday night like for you? A pair of tight jeans, cowboy boots, country music, good friends, and line dancin’!

I would like to follow up with this question: Nick, does your typical Saturday night involve you in the hip huggers or a female sporting the tight jeans?  It’s a little unclear.

Bachelor West

Bachelor West

From West (age 30, lawyer from South Carolina).  Yes, there’s another dude named West on the show.  It went so well with the first one:

If you were stranded on a desert island, what three things would you bring with you and why? A boat? Why does no one ever say boat or a radio transmitter? Okay, I’d bring a lifetime supply of pizza, Mila Kunis, and a volleyball. Mila and I could play volleyball and if something ever happened to her I could name the volleyball Wilson and talk to it.

Really good way to pick up chicks, West.  Talk about how you want to be stranded on a desert island with one of the hottest girls in show business who happened to have a hot and heavy girl-on-girl scene with Natalie Portman, the next hottest girl in Hollywood.  That’s your sure ticket to get a rose, West.

PS: Does anyone know what’s going on with Brad and Emily?

Bachelor Recap: Women Tell All & Brad says “Mercy”

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Spoiler Alert!

bachelor logoGreetings from Hayama, Japan! I am having a great time with Rob, Alden, Chip, and my new nephew, Pete. Tuesday night, Japan time (Tuesday morning States time), we introduced Pete to his first episode of The Bachelor. Well, he slept through it but I’m sure he would have loved every second of it. Initially, I was disappointed that the one episode I would get to watch with Rob and Alden was “Women Tell All,” but I felt like we got to debrief and reflect on the entire season as we watched together. Nothing brings people together like less-than-mediocre reality TV. There was no shortage of laughter, rolling of eyes, and “this is so ridiculous.”

So onto last night’s episode, which consisted of about 40% actual interviews and 60% flashbacks. Chris Harrison took on the feisty host role last night. I’ve seen this character trait in the most recent seasons but I felt like until last night, he really took a back seat to Brad’s therapist this season. On “Women Tell All” Chris did not hold back the unsolicited advice, psychological judgments and even crowd control, as the women bared their souls and engaged in the usual cat fights.

Speaking of baring their souls, what are your thoughts on Michelle? I have a little trouble believing that everything she said was “just her sense of humor” but Brad and Chris seem to agree with her. The tears were a bit much, Michelle.  You did just sell the story of your affair with NBA player, Carlos Boozer to US Weekly, so I have a bit of trouble believing that you’re completely well intentioned and just a funny person.  More importantly though, why do you think Jackie cared so much about Michelle’s actions on the show? Jackie came off crude and desperate in last night’s episode and I liked her during the season. Jackie, don’t get involved in the drama! You didn’t on the show; why did you feel compelled to last night?

The one person that did stay quiet, and by that I mean silent, last night was Shawntel N. I don’t know that she said one word. Smart girl! I would have enjoyed hearing a little more about how things are going back west, at the funeral home, and let Chris Harrison dissect her daddy issues. I’m not even going to write about Melissa and her feud with the girl whose name I can’t remember (Rachel, I think?) because they’re just annoying and lame. Get over yourselves. If you didn’t make it past Episode Three, you shouldn’t be allowed in the hot seat.

And look who reinvented herself and returned to her “natural” brown locks: Ashley H. During Ashley and Chris Harrison’s one on one time, Ashley managed to exude a manic confidence, yet apologize repeatedly for questioning her and Brad’s relationship too much and doubting Brad. Chris reminded Ashley that she “put up walls” with Brad. Oh, Chris. You’re so right. Then when Ashley H. had her chance to confront Brad, all she did was apologize and ask for a hug in a peppy and overly eager coo. You were just dumped on national television by a man who met your family and took you to South Africa. And you want a hug?

Ashley's new do: Is she vying for the next Bachelorette?

Ashley's new do: Is she vying for the next Bachelorette?

And of course, the man himself, Brad Womack. I was afraid Chris might not interview him with the ladies present, as they seem to have a bit of a bromance, but he did. Let’s be honest, though. Brad wasn’t really in the hot seat. Brad spent more time talking about bringing hot water to a South African pre-school and Chris Harrison’s soccer skills rather than reconnecting with the girls.

A Bromance Blossoms: Chris, do you accept this rose?

A Bromance Blossoms: Chris, do you accept this rose?

Ashley N. did ask Brad why he didn’t want to marry her. (Oh, Ashley, there are so many more fish in the sea.) Brad’s reply: “Mercy.” (Actually, he said “Mercy” multiple times during the five minute interview.) On that note, I must mention my brother’s comment that Brad sounds eerily similar to  former President of the United States, George W. Bush. Just think about it: The shortening of names to “Ash” and “Em,” the use of words like “mercy,” referring to Chris Harrison as “Buddy,” and the fist pump when Ashley H. told Brad the carnival was her best date ever. Now picture Brad saying “weapons of mass destruction.” Good call, Rob. I’m so glad I came to Japan to watch this episode.

Is that Brad Womack or W?

Is that Brad Womack or W?

Highlight of the night: Bachelor Pad preview! I couldn’t really understand if this was just a reunion or the actual show but all I know is the only thing filled with more drama and competitive cat fighting than the Bachelor is Bachelor Pad (well, that and Real World, Road Rules Challenge). The combination of money on the line, equal numbers of men and women, and the need to create alliances, makes for the perfectly trashy reality TV show. Gia and Vienna going head to head over Wes. Kasey showing off his tattoo. Roberto and Ali making out. Oh, how I’ve missed you all.

Bachelor Reunion!  I don't know who half these people are, but I still love it.

Bachelor Reunion! I don't know who half these people are, but I still love it.

Next week, the finale. Who’s the lucky lady who Brad directly referred to last night as “Babe?” And, who’s going to be the next Bachelorette. The viewers in Hayama, Japan are putting our money on the brunette Ashley H. who has learned so much about herself and love through this journey, and has vowed to no longer put up walls.

Dear Bachelor, The Spark is Fading

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Spoiler Alert: Elaney, read no further…

bachelor logo

I’ve decided that watching The Bachelor by myself is not nearly as fun or entertaining as watching it with other people.  You need to be able to turn to someone to make sure all of this is really happening.

It’s just not that amusing to contemplate Chris Harrison’s awkwardness and therapist tendencies when watching solo.  In fact, last night I even fell asleep.  Yes, I fell asleep watching the fantasy suite episode.

Sorry, Brad.  I’m just not that into you.

Things I wanted to talk to someone about last night, but couldn’t:

Really, The Bachelor gets to go to South Africa before I do? WGP.

I love nature, but I have a feeling that a tree house was not Chantal’s idea of a fantasy suite.

Brad, are you really sure you’ve thought this 5-year old daughter thing through?  I mean you’re the guy that couldn’t even commit to a hot 20-something on your last season.

Most overused phrases of the episode: “Oh my Gawww!” and “Shut up.”

Of course the previews made it look like Emily was going to turn down the fantasy suite.  I didn’t believe that foreshadowing for a hot second.  Never happened in the history of The Bachelor, not going to happen this season.

Did Brad really just tell Emily he’s falling in love with her?  That statement’s got to be a contract violation.

How do things go from good to bad so quickly with Ashley and Brad?  Jet lag?

Ashley doesn’t want to hug you, Brad, because you just dumped her.  Why is that so hard to understand?

I’m still not quite sure what Brad’s ‘type’ is.  Chantal and Emily can’t be more different.

Any thoughts you want to share from last night’s episode?  Any speculation on who’s the final gal?

Next week for the ‘Women Tell All’, I won’t be by myself.  Actually, I’ll be watching from Japan with my brother and sister-in-law.  That’s right, I’m going back to Japan to meet my soon to be born new nephew and spend more time with my adorable nephew (soon to be big brother), Chip, and Rob and Alden.  David and I used to watch Bachelor with them in Virginia, so it will be just like old times.

Hometown Dates for Bachelor Brad

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*Beware: spoiler alert!

bachelor logo

Last night’s episode of The Bachelor brought us to the final four bachelorette’s hometowns.  For the most part, these visits went smoothly and there were no major disasters as in previous seasons.  (Ah, memories!)

Before I get started, did anyone else notice that Brad was wearing a beret in the opening scene?  Wow.  Classy guy.

Brad first went to meet Chantal O.’s family in Seattle.  Turns out they basically live in a castle and her mom’s face looks pretty plastic.  (I wish they told us what her parents do for a living.)  Nonetheless, Brad and Chantal O’s dad bonded over their “Daddy issues.”  I wanted to listen to their serious conversation, but I was too distracted, trying to count the number or wine bottles in the wine cellar.  (Note: Chantal O’s father is the only one Brad asked for his blessing to marry his daughter.)

And, I’m glad this didn’t seem to bother Brad, but two cats and a little dog = deal breaker.  Sorry, Chantal O.

Then it was off to Madawasca, Maine, with Ashley. This was my favorite home town date, even if Ashley’s enthusiasm and energy entirely exhausts me.  Ashley’s family seemed normal enough…well, until Ashley told her parents that she wanted to sleep with Brad on the floor of the living room, and that didn’t seem to bother them.  Did you catch from her dad’s conversation that Ashley’s not actually a dentist, and hasn’t finished dentistry school?  I feel so deceived.  Good work this week, Ashley.  You only mentioned ‘disconnect’ once in a semi-joking, semi-passive aggressive way.  It looks like next week you won’t do as well on this front.  I did laugh a little when Brad told Ashley he could see himself living in Madawasca.  I don’t think so, Brad, but I like the sentiment.

Next stop, Chico, CA with Shawntel N. of Newton Brasewell Funeral Home.  Ok, I stand corrected on the two cats and one dog deal breaker.  The only bigger deal breaker than owning two cats and a little dog, is starting your home town date with a funeral home tour.  Yikes!  And I hate to judge, but Shawntel’s dad sort of fit what I picture as a funeral home director, mustache and all.  Shawntel nicely waited until that night to tell her family that she would consider moving to Austin.  This caused a major rift as her dad is relying on her for his retirement security and the town of Chico needs Shawntel.  Duty calls!  After this date, I had a feeling Shawntel would be left without a rose as long as Brad’s time with Em didn’t involve a funeral home.

The beginning of Brad’s date in Charlotte, with Emily, was the most anxious I’ve ever seen Brad.  He really wanted to impress Little Ricky and ultimately he did.  What better way to win over a child than bring gifts?  Brad’s still completely smitten with Emily but I just can’t see them together in the end.  I don’t know that Brad is really ready for parenthood, no matter how attracted he is to Emily.  Brad was freaked out to kiss Emily while Ricky was asleep upstairs.  This could be problematic for their future romantic relations.  (Oh no, what’s going to happen in the fantasy suite??  Will we have the first contestant to every say ‘no???’  Doubtful.)

The rose ceremony was quick and simple.  Now that there are only four remaining girls, and they’re no longer living together, there’s no drama to be documented.  Shawntel N. did not receive the rose (shocker) so now she can return to Chico and embalm away.

Next week: South Africa or bust!

Anguilla or Bust: “Every conversation we have is so deep.”

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bachelor logo

Last night’s Bachelor left something to be desired.  I sort of feel like I’m saying that every week.  But, I’m not a quitter, so I will continue to watch until the final rose has been given.

Brad managed to do ok without his therapist this week, but he seems to be turning into a therapist himself.  There was a lot of “what I’m hearing you say is…” and “that is your perception.”  So, as the girls continue to pour out their beer tears on Brad, he continues to mop them up, and maybe even give out some sympathy roses (ahem, Ashley).  It’s too late in the game for that, Brad.

All-American girl, Emily, received the first one on one date this week.  Brad, you tricky dog…you planned a dream-like day for Emily, with helicopter rides and deserted islands.  Oh wait, Brad didn’t plan a darn thing.  (Why does it drive me crazy that the girls always give the bachelor so much credit for planning the dates?!)  Brad continues to grow more and more smitten with widow-Emily, yet I still haven’t seen much of a conversation between the two of them.  But he’s silly in love with her, and I kind of believe it, and I kind of think it’s sweet.  Brad guaranteed Emily that she would receive a rose, even though he kept telling her he was ‘breaking the rules.’  Now the big question…how will meeting little Ricky go?  (According to next week’s previews: not so good.)

Shawntel N. received the next one on one date and she managed to really wow Brad with her interactions with other people. Yes, he’d never seen any of the girls interact with anyone besides himself or one of the 25 other crazy women.  (Need I remind you, this is a very realistic scenario?)  Brad and Shawntel N. wandered the streets, talking to ‘the people,’ making out, playing dominoes with ‘the people,’ making out, jumping rope with ‘the people,’ making out, and listening to ‘the most famous singer in Anguilla’ with the people.  Oh, and they made out.

(Side note: Can you believe there are still two women named Shawntal left in the game, but spelled differently?)

The final one on one date belonged to Britt, who seems to be wasting away over the course of the show.  She looked so tiny on this episode.  Did anyone else notice that?  Britt has been one of my top favorites the entire season, but last night it was clear that the connection was not there.  Brad decided not to wait until the rose ceremony (which I respect) to tell Britt she’s not the one.  This whole scenario, however, must have been planned, as they had the dinghy ready to take her away.  Britt, you handled it well and I wish you the best of luck, fellow foodie writer.

And of course, the producers planned on the group date involving the three most dramatic, high maintenance, beer teared, trio of the group.  Their early morning wake up call resulted in a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition.  (They made sure we knew it hits shelves on Feb. 15.)  Ashley quickly agreed to go topless (as long as she had conch shells in front of her), and Chantal O. went one step further, really going topless, sort of covering herself.  Ah, female competitiveness at its best.  No wait, it gets better.  Michelle decides to straddle Brad in her photo shoot and make out with him as the waves crash upon them.  I think this move both excites Brad, yet absolutely terrifies him.  The other two girls are less than pleased.

The most G-rated photo from the shoot.  (This is a family-friendly blog.)

The most G-rated photo from the shoot. (This is a family-friendly blog.)

Which leads us to the ‘pool party’ portion of the group date.  With only four people, two of whom are totally ticked off, you can’t really define this event as a party.  Brad spends the whole date apologizing to Ashley and Chantal O. (who are in competition for the ‘drunkest girl at the party’ award), while Brad literally avoids Michelle like the plague.  He is genuinely afraid she is going to mount him (again) in front of the other girls.  Michelle, your time is running out.

After Brad does a little more therapy with Ashley and Chantal O., it’s time for the rose ceremony.  Brad insists on no cocktail party and proceeds to hand out roses.  It was pretty predictable at this point who Brad was going to let go, even though Michelle insisted (as if in a final plea to the cameras), “every conversation we have is so deep.”  Not deep enough, Michelle.  Brad let Michelle go and awkwardly walked the silent and enraged Michelle to her limo, where she proceeded to lie down in silence.  Being conniving and competitive is exhausting, isn’t it?

Next week: meet the families!  Always a new insight into the girls’ lives.  Predicted awkwardness: Shawntel N. showing Brad her place of work and Brad trying to win over little Ricky.

Dr. Drew, Therapists, and Black Eyes: Bachelor Week 4

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If you haven’t yet watched this week’s episode, be warned that spoilers are included:

bachelor logo

The week’s show started off with Michelle’s mysterious black eye.  A recurring theme through the show is Michelle.  Everything is about Michelle.  Everyone’s out to get Michelle.  Brad doesn’t give Michelle enough time.  Michelle gets punched in the face.  (Not really: apparently she punched herself in her sleep.)  Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!  (Excuse me, I mean Michelle, Michelle, Michelle!)

Chantal O. and Brad went under water for their solo date, awkwardly holding hands and ‘kissing’ through massive helmets.  Early in the date, we thought there wasn’t a whole lot of chemistry between Brad and Chantal O., but we were proven wrong as the night progressed and the couple spent time making out in one bed, and then moving to another when it started to rain.  Hello, chemistry.

Brad & Chantal O. on bed #1

Brad & Chantal O. on bed #1

For the group date, the girls went on the Dr. Drew radio show.  I was disappointed there wasn’t a wrap party following the recording.  Of course Brad and the girls still managed to find themselves in a pool.  On the group date, Ashley (the dentist) started to show her ‘crazies,’ freaking out about sharing time with Brad.  Her anxiety and ‘crazies’ increased with the amount of alcohol she consumed, and Ashley was wasted.  Highlight of the group date for me was ‘cutie foodie’ Britt finally exchanging words with Brad.  Not only did they talk a little but they had some serious smooches.  He even told her later, “I love our kisses.”  Awkward.  As I’ve said before, Britt is a personal favorite, so I’m glad to see her stepping up her game.  I just wish she hadn’t worn those heart hoop earrings.

And of course, who got the other solo date, but our girl, Michelle.  The look of evil on Michelle’s face nearly at all times, resembles something you would find in a Disney villain.    Of course the sinister glare was prominent when their solo date started with Brad entering the house and asking to speak to dentist Ashley.  WTF, Brad?  The only person you should look at, speak to, or think about is Michelle.  It’s her day.

Poor Michelle: Life is so hard.

Poor Michelle: Life is so hard.

Why doesn’t the selfish, self absorbed, cynical, personality that Michelle embodies, bother Brad?  I have no idea.  He continues to think she’s amazing.  After repelling down a building for their date (and a hissy fit about a fear of heights) they hopped in the pool and made out.  (For those of you new to the Bachelor, there’s a common theme every season, and every episode, of water and hooking up.)

The Bachelor psychiatrist showed up again this week, but not too much insight except that he told Brad it’s okay to hook up with lots of chicks.  What a guy!  (Do you think Chris Harrison feels threatened by Bachelor psychiatrist?)

At the rose ceremony, Widow Emily managed to cause major drama, while still being the nicest person in the house, who everyone likes.  Brad packed her a special blanket and wine and took her outside on the wet concrete to enjoy it.  This resulted in tears, anxiety, frustration, stalking: a typical rose ceremony.  I like Emily, but I just don’t know if she and Brad have a connection beyond Womack being attracted to her.  Thoughts?

Who went this week?  No major surprises.  Sorry, Meghan, I liked you, but it just wasn’t going to happen.  Stacey and Lindsay, it wasn’t meant to be.  Stacey, I’m sure you weren’t the only one on the radio show that has cheated before…you were just the only one that had the guts to admit it.  Lindsay, you’re right; your dad is proud of you, I’m sure. (Well, as proud as you can be of your daughter going on the Bachelor.) You did keep your clothes on in the pool.  My other favorite, (besides Britt) Lisa, got a rose, but I still don’t know if she and Brad have once had a conversation, just the two of them.  Next week could be your week to go, Lisa, if you don’t start conniving, hogging Brad’s time, and being obnoxious, like the other girls.  Brad saved the last rose for dentist Ashley hoping to scare her straight.  Not sure it was affective.  We all knew she would get the rose.

Stay tuned for next week when the girls continue to fight over Brad, Emily avoids letting her walls down, and the most dramatic rose ceremony ever.

Therapists, Seal, and Adios Vampire: Bachelor, Week 3

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Still spoilers in this post if you haven’t yet watched this week’s episode…

bachelor logoThis week wasn’t too memorable for me.  Hence, I’ve waited until Friday to share my thoughts with you.  Here’s all I’ve got:

  • It’s only taken me four days to get “Kiss from a Rose” out of my head.  I love you, Seal, but Brad and Ashley S. butchered your work.  That’s what happens when you agree to perform on ‘The Bachelor.’  Maybe you should reevaluate your manager.
I mean, I know I love the Bachelor, but could it really help Seal's sales that much?

I mean, I know I love the Bachelor, but could it really help Seal's sales that much?

  • Michelle continues to be manipulative and annoying.  Brad loves every second of it.
  • There was yet another group date that involved a film set, a ‘wrap party,’ and night swimming. (Cue back tattoo.)  I’m looking for a little more creativity, ABC!
It wouldn't really be a complete episode without seeing Brad's tatt.

It wouldn't really be a complete episode without seeing Brad's tatt.

  • Widow Emily finally shared her story with Brad.  The jury’s still out for me on Emily.  I’ve found in talking to my fellow Bachelor watchers (and there are more of us than you think), people feel strongly one way or another about Emily.  One thing I did not love was Emily’s jumper outfit. Side note: I found it cruel of the producers to put Emily on a date that involved a private plane.
  • Brad’s ‘therapist in L.A.’ made an appearance, telling Brad to “make these women feel comfortable” so they will show him who they are.  Translation: “Every woman is going to take an emotional dump on you, Brad.”  There were more tears and sob stories this week than I think I’ve ever witnessed in Bachelor history.  And let’s be honest, no one can trump Widow Emily’s story so they all seem a little silly in comparison.
  • Shawntel (not to be confused with Chantal O.) came out of the woodwork as an action fighter in this episode.  She’s one of my new favorites and I’m impressed that Brad has sense enough to like her.
Shawntel: not Chantal

Shawntel: not Chantal

  • I still maintain that Madison is normal.  Sad to see her go this week, fangs and all.
  • My girls, Lisa and Britt, made it another week but they’ve got to get their game faces on if they want see week 5.
  • Is it just me, or are way too many roses being given out during the show, instead of just waiting for the rose ceremony?  (I think the producers are trying to create more drama, if that’s even possible.)

PS: Did anyone see Chris Harrison host Miss America last weekend?  Of course I did.  That guys got it made.

Until next week…

Bachelor: Week 2

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Beware of spoilers if you have not watched this week’s episode…

bachelor recap

There was a little controversy at Camp Metcalf on Monday night regarding our primetime viewing.  It was more of a personal conflict, actually.  As you know, I love ‘The Bachelor.’  I’m also a pretty avid college sports fan.  Last night, ‘The Bachelor’ started at 8:00 but kickoff for the football national championship occurred at 8:37.

Decisions, decisions: Cam Newton or Brad Womack? War Eagle or 1st Impression Rose?

Decisions, decisions: Cam Newton or Brad Womack? War Eagle or 1st Impression Rose?

What did people do before Tivo?

Well, we watched the first half of ‘The Bachelor’ prior to starting the football game.  It was a bit of a tease to get sucked into the drama of ‘The Bachelor,’ only to turn it off before Train’s awkward performance and the rose ceremony.

During the first half, I quickly grew tired of Brad and Ashley skipping around the low-budget carnival, and Michelle whining about her birthday.  In case you didn’t catch it the first ten times, it was Michelle’s birthday.  Did anyone else think Michelle was quite intoxicated after she got the rose on her date?  I sure did.

Ashley & Brad frolicking at the carnival

Ashley & Brad frolicking at the carnival

The group date was just weird.  I don’t know who’s in charge of publicity for the American Red Cross, but those PSAs were bizarre.  No one looked good and the whole thing was awkward.  Also, Melissa, get control of yourself.  Later in the evening, at the ‘wrap party,’ there was plenty of pool time for the ladies to show off their bikini bodies, get drunk, and start yelling at each other.  (Nothing out of the norm for an early episode.)  Side note: Every time I see Brad get out of the pool/shower, I am still taken aback by his back tattoo.  I just can’t get used to it.  I really don’t think he had that body art in his first season, did he?

Once David and I turned ‘The Bachelor’ back on, I found it was harder to regain my Bachelor momentum.  In the last couple of years, the producers work really hard to make ALL of the episodes two hours.  That’s a lot of Bachelor, maybe even (I hate to admit this) too much.  I mean, having Ali and Roberto on the show to give their opinions on each of the ladies?  A bit of a stretch, if you ask me.

Melissa: too aggressive from the beginning

Melissa: too aggressive from the beginning

I give Brad major props for getting rid of crazy Melissa this week.  In past seasons, the ‘stir up trouble/dramatic’ girl would have stayed around for a few weeks.  Good riddance, Melissa!  Maybe you should start seeing a psychiatrist.  (I’m sure Brad could give you some recommendations.)

Final Thoughts on the episode:

-       If Madison didn’t have fangs, she might be ok.

Vampire Madison

Vampire Madison

-       Britt, the food writer from Washington, is an early favorite.  She needs more one on one time with Brad if she wants to make it past Week Three.

Britt, the "Cutie Foodie"

Britt, the "Cutie Foodie"

-       Michelle started off strong in Week 1, but I’m no longer on the Michelle train.  She’s manipulative and crazy.  Perfect for the show, but not for the new Brad.  He’s too sensitive and working too hard to break down his walls.

Michelle: Don't be fooled by her looks like Brad is

Michelle: Don't be fooled by her looks like Brad is

-       Emily, the widow, seems sweet and the other ladies like her.  Brad is oddly obsessed with her considering they haven’t had any conversations with substance.  I’m thinking next week she will tell Brad about hubby and daughter, Ricky.



-       At the rose ceremony, there were a handful of really cute bachelorettes that I felt like I’d never seen before, such as Lisa.  She’s a former college track and cross country runner, AND she’s from Kansas, which puts her at the top of my list.  Lisa, get in there, girl!


Stay tuned for next week’s episode: solo date with Emily, group date with more filming scenes/stage kissing/drama, and other excitement.  No more National Championship game to compete with, so Bachelor will get the full attention it deserves.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Bachelor Re-Cap

Posted in TV on January 4th, 2011 by Betsy – 3 Comments

Before I head into discussions of soy sauce, vending machines, Buddhas, and all things Japanese, I must first mention last night’s premier of “The Bachelor.”  For a hot second, I thought about not watching this season, but let’s be honest, that was never a viable option.  I love this show and I can’t get enough of the caddy women, ridiculous commentary, Chris Harrison’s forward questions, and the cheesy fashion show.  Why so many sequins last night?

What do we have to look forward to this season?  So much, my friends, so much.


Bachelor Brad, Take Two

Our bachelor is Brad Womack.  Does that name sound familiar?  Well, it should.  Brad’s been “The Bachelor” before, in fact three years ago.  Southern, chiseled Brad is the only bachelor who has returned for a second go around as the show’s star.  On his first season, Brad left both finalists, Deanna and Ginny, high and dry at the final rose ceremony.  Audiences did not respond well to his decision, but isn’t the dual rejection better than the way most seasons end: Bachelor(ette) picks someone, only for the couple to have a nasty, tabloid-documented, break up weeks later.  If I were a contestant, I’d rather get turned down at the end of the show AND have my competition dumped too.

Brad Womack: Heartbreaker

Brad Womack: Heartbreaker

This season’s premier had the usual shower shots of Brad, montages of him working out (shirtless, of course), and a lot of soul searching commentary.  Apparently Brad has been in counseling for the past three years to deal with his “lady issues.”  ABC even interviewed Brad’s therapist on the show to tell us about how Brad is healing.  (I’m sure Brad’s shrink will launch a reality TV show on E later this year.)  Brad repeatedly tells Chris and us that he’s a changed man and he’s ready to commit.  And what could be a better way to finally resolve your commitment issues than by breaking the hearts of 24 other women on national television before proposing to the final one?

While Brad’s story is interesting and semi-believable, once the ladies arrive, the fun really begins.  Side note: Did anyone else notice that this season SBC isn’t showing the women’s ages on screen?  Fortunately, David found their ages (and number of tattoos) on ABC’s website so he filled us in on the women’s stats as we watched.  Any guesses on how old Brad is?  38.  Oldest bachelorette on this season? 32.  Interesting…


The Ladies

Some early notes on the women…

My initial favorite was Jill, 28, a former college volleyball player.  Normal, good conversationalist, attractive.  And, did I mention she was normal?  Brad didn’t have the sense to pick Jill, but instead he did give a rose to Madison, 25, who has two fangs and a totally bizarre obsession with vampires.  Good choice, Brad.

Emily, a 24-year old widow from Charlotte, seems to be one of Brad’s early favorites.  He told her over and over again how beautiful she looked.  I also have my money on Michelle, from Salt Lake City.  She’s pretty hot.  Ashley H., 26-year old dentist is going to be really annoying and competitive, but that’s what makes the show so good, right?

Other odd professions include ‘manscaper,’ mortician and an overly zealous Rockette.  So good.

Any other initial thoughts on the season?  Observations?  Early picks?

PS: Why did Seal sell his soul and perform ‘Kiss from a Rose’ on The Bachelor?  I thought his career was more successful than that.  I mean he is married to Heidi Klum.