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Cafe at Pharr

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Hello, Friends.  I am so long overdue on a post; I don’t even know where to begin.  I’ve dined at new restaurants, read new books, traveled to some cool places and even cooked some a few new dishes.  Most importantly, our sweet Laney is 7 months old!  She is a reminder to me of how long it’s been since I’ve given this blog any TLC.

A couple of recent photos of Miss Laney


My inspiration for getting back on the blog is Café at Pharr…

Today I ate lunch at Café at Pharr and enjoyed delicious chicken salad that rivals Zoe’s.  Yours truly loves a good chicken salad!  I went to the Westside Location (on Chattahoochee) but they have multiple locations.  I enjoyed the curry chicken salad served on a bed of greens with a yummy sesame dressing that’s also gluten free.  All of the Café Pharr’s chicken salads are gluten free.  I will definitely be going back again soon, as it’s very kid friendly and not crowded.  Great service and our server knew what I was talking about the moment I mentioned celiac.  Check them out at their Westside, Buckhead, Brookhaven, Vinings or Miami Circle locations.

Revolutionary Soup (Charlottesville)

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One of my favorite (re)discoveries last fall was Revolutionary Soup in Charlottesville.  As a college student, this was one of my favorite lunch spots on the Downtown Mall.  Ten years later, they now have a location on the Corner, closer to Grounds, and they are great about labeling allergens in their various items.

When David and I visited Charlottesville this fall, (pre-morning sickness), we ate twice at Rev Soup.  It was a cold and rainy weekend, so their hearty soups were a perfect lunch for us. The lamb curry soup was deliciously spicy and meaty and the salad rounded out the meal nicely.  On our second stop I enjoyed the peanut tofu soup, one that I surprisingly loved.  The best part is they let you sample the different soups so you know which one you really want.  Rev Soup also labels soups that are vegan and vegetarian.

What are your favorites at Rev Soup?  Sadly, the grilled cheese is not gluten free.

Peanut Tofu Soup...delicious!

Revolutionary Soup:

108 2nd Street SW (Downtown Mall Location)
Charlottesville, VA 22902
(434) 296-SOUP (7687)

104 14th Street Northwest (Corner Location)
Charlottesville, VA 22903
(434) 979-9988



Taste Unlimited: Norfolk, VA

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Last week I spent time in Norfolk with my sister-in-law, Alden, as she gets settled into her new home in Virginia.  We unpacked, entertained my nephews, Pete and Chip, watched Bachelorette (of course), and did some good eating.  Alden even taught me how to cook tofu and we made delicious tofu Pad Thai.  I’m even willing to say it’s better than chicken pad Thai

We also ventured out for lunch with both boys to Taste Unlimited, a yummy (and very popular) spot, just down the street.  Taste Unlimited’s Hampton Boulevard location offers a large gluten-free sandwich menu and they use a separate sandwich making station and utensils for all gluten-free orders, to prevent cross-contamination.  Their sandwiches are delicious (reminiscent of my gluten-filled college days spent frequenting Bel Air and Take it Away) and I’m a huge fan of their house dressing.  I got their Northender sandwich, which includes the amazing combination of turkey, havarti, bacon and avacado.  The sandwich gods were looking down on me because they put practically an entire avocado on my sandwich.  I went with the house dressing in lieu of the aioli mayo because I just can’t resist the stuff.  (You can buy their house dressing by the container too…this would be way too dangerous for me.)  All in all, my sammy was a messy, delicious masterpiece.

Taste uses Udi’s sandwich bread (a personal favorite of mine) and you can also buy it by the loaf at the store as well.  (They even sell Udi’s muffins and a brand of gluten-free ice cream sandwiches in their freezer section.)

Also, if you check Taste Unlimited’s website, they tell you which of the daily prepared foods are gluten-free.  (They make take out foods like chicken salad, ribs, cucumber salad, etc.)  A perfect weeknight dinner when you don’t feel like cooking OR if you’re going to be entertaining someone with a gluten allergy and feel overwhelmed by the task.  Taste Unlimited is a great option.

Save room for dessert because Taste Unlimited offers glow gluten-free cookies, in multiple varieties, and Tate’s Bake Shop GF chocolate chip cookies.  I bought glow’s chocolate chip cookies and they were yummy.  They don’t skimp on the chocolate chips, which is key for GF baking!  I love their packaging…looks similar to a Chinese food take out box.  There are enough cookies in a box to share with your group. (If you’re feeling generous!)  Their other varieties include snickerdoodle and ginger snap.  You know me, I can’t resist chocolate!

Right now Taste Unlimited offers their gluten-free menu at their Newport News location and this fall they’ll roll it out at their new (and bigger) location in Virginia Beach.  I contacted the folks at Taste to get more details and it turns out that one of their co-owners was diagnosed with celiac in 2009, hence the efforts they’ve gone to in order to accommodate customers with gluten allergies or celiac.  I feel reassured when I know that someone personally involved with a restaurant has celiac because it means they get it, and they’re not just serving GF bread for their sandwiches.  Taste Unlimited is taking all necessary precautions to ensure my safety, for which I am grateful.  AND they make delicious sandwiches!

Taste Unlimited - 6464 Hampton Blvd.- Norfolk, VA 23508 – 757.623.7770

Aunt April’s Entirely Gluten-Free Cafe

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Last weekend, David and I drove to Nashville to meet our new niece, Anna.  We have three nephews so it’s fun to add a niece to the mix!

I got to spend most of Friday, hanging out with my sister-in-law, Blair, and sweet little Anna.  They live in East Nashville and of course Blair had scoped out her neighborhood for GF goodies for me.

We went to lunch at The Green Wagon, which can be described as an environmentally friendly general store.  Lots of “green” cleaning products, alkaline water and other products.  Their goal is to minimize businesses’ and consumers’ carbon footprint.  The most exciting part about The Green Wagon though, is Aunt April’s Cafe, in the back of the store.  Aunt April’s is totally, 100% gluten free and she makes lots of baked treats.  You can also enjoy a sandwich or panini for lunch, made on April’s delicious, homemade bread.   There aren’t a ton of sandwich options but I was a very satisfied customer.

Aunt April's Cafe: Entering a Gluten-Free Zone

Blair and I enjoyed delicious paninis at The Green Wagon.  (They have seating inside so you don’t have to order to-go.)  Mine was composed of turkey, cheddar, tomato, spinach and mustard.  Yummy!  It was so nice to not have to worry about contamination and know for sure that everything I enjoyed was safe.  April’s bread was perfectly textured, with no funky after taste, and it’s clear April has been working on creating the perfect recipe for some time.



I also picked out a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin for dessert and a blueberry muffin that I patiently saved for breakfast the next day.  The pumpkin muffin was so delicious and might have been the best flour blend I’ve ever tried.  Perfectly pumpkin, with a taste of cinnamon and maybe nutmeg.  And of course everything tastes better with chocolate.  I only wish I’d bought more.

And a pumpkin muffin for dessert


You can also special order goodies from Aunt April.  All of her items are dairy free and can be made soy free, without the chocolate chips.  She offers cupcakes, brownies, cookies and other items as well.

I can’t wait to go back and sample more of her goodies!  You can also find her treats at other Nashville locations, including The Wild Cow and Edgehill Café.

The Green Wagon & Aunt April’s Cafe

1100 Forrest Ave
Nashville, TN 37206


An Abundance of GF Options at Fuego Mundo

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Recently, I ventured north, just ITP (that’s “inside the perimeter for you non-Atlantans) to Fuego Mundo in Sandy Springs.  My friend, Sarah, and I met up for lunch at this self described “South American Woodfire Grill,” that was definitely worth the drive.

Don't let the setting in a strip mall deceive you...Fuego is deliciously unique!

Don't let the setting in a strip mall deceive you...Fuego is deliciously unique!

Not only was the food delicious, but almost everything is gluten-free.  In fact all of their entrees and sides are naturally gluten and dairy free.  Wow!  I love having choices and not worrying about contamination.  You get your choice of a side included with your order of an entrée, and their selection was right up my alley.

The grill where the cooking happens.  No worries of contamination on this grill.

The grill where the cooking happens. No worries of contamination on this grill.

I ultimately went with the chicken skewers as my entrée and “The Health Nut” for my side dish.  The chicken skewers were so yummy, perfectly blackened on the grill.  The “health nut” included quinoa, black beans and baked plantains.  Delicious.  I like to mix everything on my plate and this was the perfect combination.  It’s hard to beat a good batch of quinoa and I’d never thought to mix black beans and quinoa, but I will definitely be doing this at home too.  I could have used about twice as many baked plantains, but otherwise, the serving sizes were very generous!  (I ate my leftovers for dinner the next night.)

Chicken skewers and plantain chips

Chicken skewers and plantain chips

The Health Nut

The Health Nut

Other items on the menu that tempted me were the lamb chops (a little pricier) and the steak skewers.  Fuego also has a large selection of fish on their menu, ranging from tilapia to salmon.  There’s even tofu for vegetarians.  The Veggie Lovers Stir Fry with quinoa came in as a close second to the Health Nut, for my choice of side, but I think I’ll stick with the Health Nut because it was so good.

fuego entire

Also, I didn’t realize this when I went to Fuego Mundo, but Jennifer Harris, of the Gluten-Free Examiner recently informed us that Fuego is now offering gluten-free carrot cake.  A-mazing.  It’s a must that I go back and sample the carrot cake.  Anyone up for a lunch or dinner date?

Fuego Mundo at the Prado:

5590 Roswell Road
Suite A120
Sandy Springs, GA 30342

MetroFresh: Great GF Lunch Spot in Midtown

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Everybody needs a casual spot to grab a quick lunch with a friend.  For those of us with celiac and gluten allergies, it can be tricky to find a gluten-free friendly lunch spot.  “Casual and quick” usually translates as “unsafe and contaminated” to celiacs.  Fortunately, I have been introduced to the world of MetroFresh.  Good news gluten-free Atlantans!  Located in Midtown, on Monroe Drive (in the same shopping center as Trader Joe’s), MetroFresh offers a different menu every day, full of yummy soups and sides, many of which are gluten-free.


Mitchell, the owner of MetroFresh, sends out a daily email that lists what’s on the menu at for the day.  I love Mitchell’s emails because he shares with his customers what’s going on at MetroFresh as well as his own personal anecdotes.  For example, I learned this week that Mitchell is trying to grow a beard, which is currently at the itchy stage in the growing process.   Today he even sent out the movie listings for the weekend  (You get $1 off at Landmark Midtown with a MetroFresh purchase.)  Mitchell’s emails are casual, yet thoughtful, making me feel connected to him and the MetroFresh crew.

Also, on the menu/daily email, Mitchell puts a GF next to all of the items that are gluten-free.  Hurray!  These two letters are wonderful because I know all of my options ahead of time and can be planning in my head what I’m going to order.  (What can I say?  I’m a planner.)  Why can’t all restaurants do this?  Mitchell also notes vegan, vegetarian, fish, egg and dairy as well.  You can go to the MetroFresh website to get on their daily email list.

MetroFresh also has breakfast, Sunday brunch, and dinner take out.  Fewer of these options are gluten-free, but sometimes there are gluten-free options listed.  Lunch delivery is also an option, but I love going to MetroFresh because the store has a great atmosphere.


As I mentioned, the menu is different each day at MetroFresh, so I’ve been keeping track of what I’ve ordered the last few times I’ve been to MetroFresh.  Hopefully this list will give you an idea of what they offer.  I must say that their gluten-filled sandwiches also sound and look delicious, but sadly I will never try one of those.

Yummy Goodness I’ve Ordered at MetroFresh:

  • Pureed Veggie Soup with Basil Pistou & Orange and Striped Beet Salad with Walnuts and Butternut Squash
  • Field greens with berries, mandarins & goat cheese with ginger vinaigrette and Tuscan Veggie Soup
  • Tuscan white bean with rosemary & sun dried tomato soup and roasted beets with mangoes, clementines & maple orange vinaigrette

Doesn’t it all sound delicious?  This is my kind of food.  Fresh, healthy, and so flavorful.

MetroFressh -In Midtown Promenade – 931 Monroe Drive  NE – Atlanta, GA 30308
Metrofresh on Urbanspoon