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Gluten Free in the News

Posted in advice, media on June 2nd, 2011 by Betsy – Be the first to comment

Businesses and the media are realizing that the gluten-free diet is not just a passing fad, but a permanent fixture in many people’s diets.

This article from Tuesday’s New York Times, Gluten-Free: Flavor Free No More, discusses bakeries and companies that are working to create more options and better tasting foods.  The article highlights both the growth of the gluten-free market as well as the improvement in the quality of these goods.  In an interview with Gluten-Free Girl, Shauna, she discusses the different flours that can be used when baking gluten-free treats, as well as the gums that give baked goods their elasticity.

At the end of the article, the NY Times links to 29 gluten-free recipes from past articles.  There are a lot of yummy quinoa recipes, including this one that I’ll be making soon.  Be careful though, as one of the other recipes calls for soy sauce and doesn’t explain that soy sauce typically contains gluten.  (A good reminder never to just blindly trust when someone says something’s gluten free.  Always ask questions.)

Reader, Chili T, passed along this CNBC article, Gluten-Free Foods Paying off Big which discusses the growth of companies, such as Kellogg and P.F. Chang’s,  that are focusing their energies on marketing to gluten-free consumers.  While these products can be more expensive, time consuming and require additional training for employees, it appears from the article that the introduction of these items and services are helping global companies continue to grow.

Wall Street Journal Gives Atlanta a Shout Out

Posted in Atlanta, local food, Restaurants on April 19th, 2011 by Betsy – 2 Comments


Atlanta often gets a bad reputation because of its traffic, mediocre public transportation, and Tom Wolfe’s interpretation in A Man in Full, but I have been completely wooed by this city in the last 18 months.  The Wall Street Journal shares my love for ATL today in the article “The New New South.” From Piedmont Park to Bacchanalia, to Richard Blais, to Sid and Ann Mashburn to Peachtree Farmers’ Market, the article mentions many of our city’s highlights.

While some of my personal favorites didn’t make the list (Floataway Cafe, Iberian Pig, and Taqueria del Sol to name a few) the WSJ did a pretty good job. They neglected to mention Decatur at all, but I guess it’s not technically part of Atlanta.

What are your favorite ATL spots?