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Here, There and Everywhere…Fall Travels

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Life has been busy. Good busy. David and I’ve been traveling a lot the last few weekends, enjoying the beauty of fall, all over the country. Our first weekend away took us to Charlottesville, Virginia, one of our favorite places in the world.

Fall in Charlottesville is pretty hard to beat

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

We spent the weekend reading, walking around grounds, and we even made a visit to Monticello, the home of Mr. Jefferson. I’m embarrassed to admit that neither of us had been to Monticello since our senior years of high school. It was definitely worth the trip!

The gardens at Monticello

The following weekend we headed to Vail, Colorado. This trip was a bit more work than play. We stayed at the Westin Beaver Creek and enjoyed the gluten-free pasta on their menu. Delicious! (They also have GF pizzas available too.) While in Vail I filmed a “sizzle reel’ for a potential travel show. This was quite an experience, as I’ve never been on camera before. I will say, it did help that I taught for five years, so am used to having an audience. I won’t have much more information on the show until spring but the hope is that Food Network or Travel Channel will pick it up. I’ve got to admit, it was pretty hysterical to be referred to as “The Talent” all weekend. Stay tuned…

Not many photos from the weekend, but here's one.

For the shoot, I did all kinds of fun fall activities (zip line, ice skating, shopping, etc.) and of course some delicious dining! The highlight for me was interviewing Kelly Liken, chef and owner of Restaurant Kelly Liken in Vail. I tend to be star struck by chefs and I was particularly impressed by Kelly’s finesse on camera and ease with which she answered questions. (Perhaps Kelly’s comfort in front of the camera comes from being a finalist on Top Chef DC and competing in Iron Chef.) She also made me some delicious, gluten-free food to try. Restaurant Kelly Liken takes very seriously food allergies and special food needs. They don’t label items as “gluten free” on the menu because they are extremely accommodating to all diners and willing to tweak a dish so to fit the needs of the customer. It was truly a pleasure to interview Kelly and get to know her.

I’ve got more to share with you about our travels, dining and fall adventures, but wanted to give you the quick update! I can’t believe Thanksgiving’s exactly a week away. I’ve barely even begun to think about it.

More GF Options in Norfolk: Carolina Cupcakery

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Another place I checked out while in Norfolk was Carolina Cupcakery.  This delicious sweet spot, on Colley Avenue, makes a variety of cupcakes to accommodate special diets (vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free, etc.)  For their gluten-free cupcakes they use a rice and tapioca flour blend.  The woman I talked to was extremely knowledgeable about gluten-free and told me that they make their GF cupcakes at their Chesapeake location and they have a designated area of the bakery and equipment to use for these items.  They arrive at the Norfolk store already packaged individually so no cross contamination to worry about.  Good work, Carolina!

After a day of unpacking boxes, everyone deserves a treat, right?  I tried the variety with vanilla cake, chocolate chips and chocolate icing.  So yummy!  I love icing but it was a lot of icing, even for me.  My brother will love this place once he arrives.  I really liked the texture of the cake and the taste of icing and cake…it wasn’t a fondant type of icing.  (I’m not a big fan of fancy cake…I want something that tastes freshly made, for a high school bake fair, not an “over the top” wedding reception, if you know what I mean.)  They have multiple varieties so it’s nice to have choices!

I really enjoyed this sweet treat and I’ll absolutely be returning to Carolina Cupcakery when I head back to Norfolk for a visit.





Carolina Cupcakery: Colley Ave.

Carolina’s Cupcakery – 2019 Colley Ave. #102 – Norfolk, VA – 757.531.1548

Taste Unlimited: Norfolk, VA

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Last week I spent time in Norfolk with my sister-in-law, Alden, as she gets settled into her new home in Virginia.  We unpacked, entertained my nephews, Pete and Chip, watched Bachelorette (of course), and did some good eating.  Alden even taught me how to cook tofu and we made delicious tofu Pad Thai.  I’m even willing to say it’s better than chicken pad Thai

We also ventured out for lunch with both boys to Taste Unlimited, a yummy (and very popular) spot, just down the street.  Taste Unlimited’s Hampton Boulevard location offers a large gluten-free sandwich menu and they use a separate sandwich making station and utensils for all gluten-free orders, to prevent cross-contamination.  Their sandwiches are delicious (reminiscent of my gluten-filled college days spent frequenting Bel Air and Take it Away) and I’m a huge fan of their house dressing.  I got their Northender sandwich, which includes the amazing combination of turkey, havarti, bacon and avacado.  The sandwich gods were looking down on me because they put practically an entire avocado on my sandwich.  I went with the house dressing in lieu of the aioli mayo because I just can’t resist the stuff.  (You can buy their house dressing by the container too…this would be way too dangerous for me.)  All in all, my sammy was a messy, delicious masterpiece.

Taste uses Udi’s sandwich bread (a personal favorite of mine) and you can also buy it by the loaf at the store as well.  (They even sell Udi’s muffins and a brand of gluten-free ice cream sandwiches in their freezer section.)

Also, if you check Taste Unlimited’s website, they tell you which of the daily prepared foods are gluten-free.  (They make take out foods like chicken salad, ribs, cucumber salad, etc.)  A perfect weeknight dinner when you don’t feel like cooking OR if you’re going to be entertaining someone with a gluten allergy and feel overwhelmed by the task.  Taste Unlimited is a great option.

Save room for dessert because Taste Unlimited offers glow gluten-free cookies, in multiple varieties, and Tate’s Bake Shop GF chocolate chip cookies.  I bought glow’s chocolate chip cookies and they were yummy.  They don’t skimp on the chocolate chips, which is key for GF baking!  I love their packaging…looks similar to a Chinese food take out box.  There are enough cookies in a box to share with your group. (If you’re feeling generous!)  Their other varieties include snickerdoodle and ginger snap.  You know me, I can’t resist chocolate!

Right now Taste Unlimited offers their gluten-free menu at their Newport News location and this fall they’ll roll it out at their new (and bigger) location in Virginia Beach.  I contacted the folks at Taste to get more details and it turns out that one of their co-owners was diagnosed with celiac in 2009, hence the efforts they’ve gone to in order to accommodate customers with gluten allergies or celiac.  I feel reassured when I know that someone personally involved with a restaurant has celiac because it means they get it, and they’re not just serving GF bread for their sandwiches.  Taste Unlimited is taking all necessary precautions to ensure my safety, for which I am grateful.  AND they make delicious sandwiches!

Taste Unlimited - 6464 Hampton Blvd.- Norfolk, VA 23508 – 757.623.7770

Two More Gluten-Free Spots in Charlottesville

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During my recent visit to Charlottesville, I did not get to check out two eateries that have recently been put on my gluten-free radar.  One of my former students, who’s a first year at UVA (I’m so jealous!), goes to Rise PizzaWorks, a new addition to the Charlottesville restaurant scene, that offers gluten-free pizza crust.  Most of their toppings are GF, as well.


Also, while in town, a friend informed me that there’s a hot dog place on the downtown mall that’s gluten-free friendly.  I haven’t been there yet, but here’s the info:

The Downtown Hot Dog Company – 112 W. Main, Charlottesville, VA 22901

Have any of you tried either of these yet?  What’s the scoop?

Am I missing any other great gluten-free spots in Charlottesville that have gone under my radar?

Going Gluten-Free in a Fredericksburg Strip Mall

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This weekend, I was back up in Virginia, for the wedding of my friends, Nancy and Lee.  More specifically, we were in Fredericksburg, a small town between Washington, D.C. and Richmond.  I’ve been so spoiled by my time in Virginia this month.  I’m convinced that October is the best time to be a Virginian.  (Don’t worry, Georgia: You, too, have a special place in my heart.)

Flowers in Downtown Fredericksburg

Flowers in Downtown Fredericksburg

What a gorgeous fall weekend for an outdoor reception!  The wedding was in a quaint historic church in Loretto, Virginia and the reception was in Nancy’s family’s backyard.  It was a beautiful event.

The interior of Vauter's Episcopal Church from my seat in the balcony

The interior of Vauter's Episcopal Church from my seat in the balcony

My favorite date and me outside the church

My favorite date and me outside the church

At the rehearsal dinner on Friday night, the caterers wonderfully made me a gluten-free dinner, for which I’m always so appreciative.  (I enter into wedding weekends with the expectation that I won’t have any food options aside from what I bring for myself so I’m always grateful when I can enjoy something beyond peanuts and Lara Bars.)  So I enjoyed the filets and mashed potatoes with everyone else.  (Of course I still snacked on my peanuts too.)

On Saturday, I planned ahead, to enjoy a large lunch, to hold me over during the reception, so I wouldn’t be tempted by gluten foods at the reception.  (It’s hard to resist crab cakes and a pad thai station, but it’s worth it to stay healthy, right?)  The question then became, “Where to go for lunch?”  Normally, I am eager to try a local spot when I travel, and our hotel was in the middle of Fredericksburg’s downtown area which has many awesome shops and cool food spots.  We enjoyed coffee in the morning at a Hyperion Espresso but after walking around downtown, it was clear that there wouldn’t be too many gluten-free friendly options for me.  Lots of bakeries and sandwich places that looked delicious, but not gluten-free.

So, I saw this need for a guaranteed GF meal, as an opportunity to please David as well.  He’s always begging me to go to Outback Steakhouse.  He can’t resist the bloomin’ onion and they do have a great gluten-free menu.  (As I’ve mentioned before, the Outback in Roswell, GA goes above and beyond the national menu.) I totally applaud any restaurant that’s willing to create a GF menu and accommodate their diners with dietary restrictions, but I’m not always dying for chain food.  (Sure, you can call me a food snob, if you want.)  But, since my options were limited, I was relieved to type Outback into my iPhone and find a location in Fredericksburg, just off I-95, of course.  And, Outback was the perfect location since the bride and groom are heading to Australia for their honeymoon!


Perfect.  “No Rules.  Just Right.”  A happy husband, college football, and a full belly, all before any vows were exchanged.  Well, we headed to a strip mall off the highway, in pursuit of the Outback.  As we drove up, the parking lot looked unusually empty.  Much to David’s dismay, Outback doesn’t open until 2:00 on Saturdays (4:00 on weekdays).  Who knew?  Note to self: Outback Steakhouse, not a good lunch option.  After this heartbreaking discovery, and with my stomach beginning to growl, we broke out the iPhone again and I began to search for other chains that I know to be gluten-free.


We learned a Bonefish Grill was located in the near vicinity.  Bonefish also boasts a gluten-free menu at all of their locations.  Ok, I thought.  This situation can be redeemed.  Thank goodness for strip malls, and Fredericksburg had plenty.  It took us ten minutes to find Bonefish. (I kid you not: there were about ten strip malls in a 1-mile radius.)  We passed a Noodles & Co. on the way so we knew there would be a back up plan.  (They have GF rice noodles and a variety of GF sauces.) noodles logo

As we pulled up to the Bonefish Grill, I began to feel like I was having a serious case of déjà vu and saw that they too, don’t open until 4:00.

Shoot.  Time was running short.  But the chain restaurant Gods were smiling on me yesterday because there was a Cheeseburger in Paradise located right next to the Bonefish.  I had never been to a Cheeseburger in Paradise before but I knew from my gluten-free research that they have a GF menu.  Great.  Table for two, please.  We sat at the bar and the manager proceeded to bring me a gluten-free menu with many options.  While they do not offer GF buns, most of their burgers (sans-bun) are gluten-free AND their French fries are gluten-free, made in a separate fryer from all of their other items.  Hurray!  Ravenous at this point, I ordered a side of fries and the citrus chicken salad (substitute grilled chicken for the roast chicken).  I was very pleased with my choice and everyone who served us was super careful about my order, and very pleasant.


My delcious gluten-free French fries

My delcious gluten-free French fries

What a relief to have food options this weekend, and when Outback didn’t work out, there were other options for me.  While I sometimes turn my nose up at a chain restaurant, I’ve got to eat my words on this one.  I’m very thankful that there are restaurants throughout the country where I can walk in, and know that I will have options.  And yummy options too.

National chains are great for this exact reason: You’re in an unfamiliar place and unsure of the food options, so you know you can look up one of the following restaurants to find safe food.  Make sure you still remind your server and talk to the manager about your needs.  (Some of the locations might educate their employees more than others, so you just want to double check.)

National Restaurant Chains with Gluten-Free Menus:

  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Cheeseburger in Paradise
  • Bonefish Grill
  • P.F. Chang’s
  • Ted’s Montana Grill
  • Wendy’s (Who doesn’t love a Frosty?)
  • Chili’s
  • Carraba’s

What have I missed?  What’s your go-to gluten-free dining option when in a bind?

Also, I’m obsessed with my new iPhone for many reasons (I definitely drank the Apple kool-aid), and this weekend was a perfect example of why the iPhone can come in handy for those of us that have to put a lot of thought and research into where we eat.  Thank you, iPhone.  I’m so glad to have you on the journey.

Virginia is for (Fall) Lovers

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Georgia is now home and while I love being an Atlantan, there’s something about Virginia, that I just can’t tear myself away from…especially Virginia in the fall.  I get to spend two weekends in Virginia this month and I feel like one lucky girl.

Even though this past weekend was unusually warm, it still felt like fall in Charlottesville.  Leaves were starting to change; everyone wanted to be outside; I had no responsibilities for the weekend except hang out with college friends.  Beautiful.


While I miss so many of the gluten-filled places I frequented as an undergrad, Saturday morning was a reminder to me that there are some gluten-free places for me in C’Ville.  Desperate to enjoy the beautiful weather, I wandered downtown to the Farmer’s Market, where of course, you can find table after table of beautiful produce, all gluten-free.  I even unexpectedly ran into three college friends while perusing the market…so fun!


It didn’t bother me that the cakes and breads at the market weren’t GF, because I headed right over to The Baker’s Palette and ordered myself a few of their gluten-free pumpkin muffins.  Baker’s Palette also sells GF banana muffins and biscotti, but I always stick with the pumpkin variety.  (They keep them frozen so I had to exercise major patience while I waited for my first one to thaw.  It was worth the wait.)

Baker's Palette: Just a quick walk from Charlottesville's Downtown Mall

Baker's Palette: Just a quick walk from Charlottesville's Downtown Mall

A wonderful, gluten-free, morning.  Sure, when I got to the morning reception I attended, I couldn’t eat the Bodo’s bagels that were set out, but by that time I had my perfectly thawed, delicious pumpkin muffin.

I didn’t have a lot of time to eat out at restaurants this trip because most of my meals were at University events, but on Sunday morning I discovered a new found love of smoothies.  Now, I’ve never really been into the ‘liquid diet,’ but on Sunday morning they looked so good, and it was delicious.  My friend, Nina, and I went to Calvino Cafe, at the Main Street Market, next to one of favorite lunch spots, Feast.


I inquired about the yogurt Calvino puts in their smoothies and they use the Kroger generic brand, so I didn’t take a risk.  Instead they subbed milk for yogurt and it was so yummy.  (My smoothie still tasted nice and thick, not too icy.)  Calvino also offers soy milk as an option, in case you prefer to go dairy free.  We sat outdoors, enjoying our breakfasts, before taking a walk ‘on grounds.’  (That’s what we, UVA folks, refer to as ‘on campus.’)  A perfect way to end my Charlottesville visit before heading back to my family in northern Virginia.  And, I’ll be back up in the Commonwealth of Virginia this weekend too!

Ethiopian Cuisine in Richmond, VA: Nile Restaurant

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Last week David and I were up in Virginia, visiting friends and family before moving into our new home in Atlanta.  While we were in Richmond, we discovered The Nile Restaurant,  an amazing, delicious and 100% gluten-free restaurant.

Thanks to our friends, Lee and Nancy, who were inspired by a recent episode of Top Chef that involved Ethiopian cuisine, for finding this great Richmond spot.  They decided to look for an Ethiopian restaurant in Richmond and stumbled upon The Nile Restaurant, which also happens to be 100% gluten-free.  I kid you not: every dish in the place is gluten-free, even the bread (yes, bread!) that you use to pick up your food.  That’s right, no silverware needed in this restaurant.

eth sign

The ‘injera’ bread is made with teff flour, making it light and spongy.  The bread is basically used as your utensil so you grab your food with the injera.  So delicious!  Warning: Not all Ethiopian restaurants are entirely GF.  Our server informed us that a lot of restaurants use part teff flour and part regular flour in their bread, as a means of cutting costs because the teff is expensive.  This makes it not ok for us celiacs.

Delicious injera bread (100% teff flour)

Delicious injera bread (100% teff flour)

When people ask me what I miss most now that I’m gluten-free, they usually expect me to say cake or pizza, but that’s not my response.  Honestly, I can make all of those items, and I make them pretty darn well.  For me, the thing I miss the most from my ‘gluten’ days is sharing experiences with people.  At wedding receptions, birthday parties, and events, I usually have to bring my own food.  At restaurants I can never ‘just have a bite’ of someone else’s dish because I don’t know what’s in it or it might be contaminated.  The Nile was a lovely break from my celiac-imposed dining restraints and I could dig in with the rest of my group.

At Nile, they serve the food communally, and I could enjoy and partake with everyone else.  I didn’t have to worry about contaminated utensils. (Oh wait, there were no utensils!)  No separate plates for me.  We all enjoyed every bite of our meal.  I think this might be one of the best dinners I’ve eaten all summer.

Buticha Roll (garbanzo bean paste appetizer)

Buticha Roll (garbanzo bean paste appetizer)

Ayib Tikl (spicy cheese roll app)

Ayib Tikl (spicy cheese roll app)

We had no idea what we were doing since it was our first Ethiopian experience but the waiter was so friendly and helpful when it came to guiding us in our choices.  We went with a couple of appetizers, two ‘Nile Special Combination Plates’ (where you get a little bit of everything), and one entrée.  Everything was phenomenal.  We were all very satisfied at the end of the meal.  It was a lot of food but I felt refreshed and energized at the end, not overloaded.

The main event, the special combo good

The main event, the special combo good

Our main dishes came out on one large communal plate.  The photos do not do the meal justice.  It was amazing.  Take my word for it and if you’re in Richmond, check it out for yourself.

I highly recommend Nile, regardless of whether or not you are gluten-free.  There are many options and all of their veggie dishes and injera bread are vegan friendly too!  Next time I’m in Richmond, I’ll definitely be back.

Does anyone know of any other 100% gluten-free restaurants?

meal 2

The Nile Restaurant – 309 N. Laurel St. – Richmond, VA 23220 – (between Broad & Grace St) 804-225-5544

Summer Reads on the Shore

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I’m back in Atlanta after a wonderful week on the Eastern Shore of Virginia with my parents.  Sure, it was no Rhinebeck, New York, but I’ll take Finney Creek any day over the wedding of the century.  The Shore is one of my favorite places, as it’s one of the spots where I feel most relaxed.  No sight seeing, very little social activity, just hanging out.  Fortunately, we had a spell of cooler weather so reading on the dock didn’t involve heat stroke.

shore 9 Most of our time on the shore consisted of boat rides, naps, reading, eating and watching Pardon the Interruption.  During the fall, winter and spring we also watch a lot of football and basketball, but we have trouble getting excited about baseball, so there wasn’t nearly as much ESPN.  While I missed having sports to watch, I found that I had much more time to read without the NCAA tournament or bowl season to distract me.

I read three great books while on the Shore and I would highly recommend all three.  Each was very different but I devoured them.  Nothing could stand in my way of finishing them.


Mockingbird: A Portrait of Harper Lee: Charles J. Shields

Having reread To Kill a Mockingbird this year with my 8th graders, I loved learning more about the life of Harper Lee, especially her friendship with Truman Capote.  Lee was his research assistant for In Cold Blood, another story that fascinates me.  A large chunk of the book is about their time in Kansas researching the murder and getting to know the people involved in the case.  As a wanna-be writer myself, it was also refreshing to learn that words didn’t always flow easily for Ms. Lee.  She struggled with her first book (TKAM was initially a group of short stories that her publisher made her tie together) and she never even published a second book, despite tirelessly working on one.  Affirming to know that I don’t suffer from writer’s block alone.


Little Bee: Chris Cleave

‘Absolutely riveting’ is the only way I can describe this book.  On the back cover of Little Bee it actually says, “We don’t want to tell you what happens in this book.  It is a truly special story and we don’t want to spoil it.”  That’s how I feel about it.  A powerful, creative story, with great characters, I can’t do it justice by summarizing.  It’s beautifully written but I found myself reading it too fast to even appreciate the writing style because I was so eager to find out what happens and how everyone is connected.


The Piano Teacher: Janice Y.K. Lee

This story takes place in Hong Kong, during and after World War II.  A history teacher, I love books about a small moment in history in an unusual place.  I had never really thought much about what Hong Kong was like during World War II, but the story is captivating.  The combination of a large European population from colonialism, the Japanese takeover, and the Chinese made for an interesting social tension at the time.


Now I’m reading Hellhound on His Trail, (Hampton Sides) a book David recommended, about the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the search for his assassin.  The history nerd in me loves this stuff.  Written with a journalistic style, the author tells a great story about the man that killed King, our nation’s political state at the time, and the workings of the FBI.  I’m really enjoying it, but it will take me ten times longer to finish it than if I were still reading on the dock.

Do you have any reading recommendations?  We’ll be in Connecticut with David’s family in September so I’ll be looking for some good reads on the trip.

Farm Table Celebration at Evening Star

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When David graduated from law school this spring, we wanted to find a place to celebrate with our families and share a delicious meal together. The owners of Evening Star in Del Ray (one of our favorite restaurants) also own a wine shop next door, called Planet Wine. This shop is beautiful, with dark wood shelves and wines displayed throughout and covering the walls. The owners have put a huge table in Planet Wine, naming it Farm Table. You can reserve the Farm Table for a night and get a special meal created by Evening Star chef, Will Artley, composed of seasonally fresh and local food.

David and I decided to see if we could get a gluten free Farm Table meal for our family during his graduation weekend. I contacted Clare Parker, who organizes reservations for Farm Table and she assured us that Will would be happy to create a gluten free meal for our law school celebration. Clare was super friendly and helpful throughout the reservation and menu planning process.

On Saturday, May 16th we arrived at Planet Wine with parents, brothers, sisters and spouses, and shared an absolutely delicious meal. Even though the meal was over a month ago, I remember it so well. The flavors came together perfectly and we had a great evening of food and togetherness. I have to tell you about the food itself, but just writing about it, will not sufficiently explain just how good it was.

We started with champagne and a canapé of Virginia Oysters on the half shell and beef tartare with spicy jicama and crispy yucca. I must admit that I was a little nervous about beef tartare but it was delicious and the different flavors and textures were perfect. The jicama and yucca acted like a crisp cracker that held the beef tartare.

After the canapé, we sat down and Chef Will Artley came out to chat with us and introduce the meal to us. The first course was a bibb salad with grilled asparagus, caramelized shallots and pancetta deviled egg. Wow! The deviled egg flavor was strong but went perfectly when combined with the asparagus.

For the main course, diners had the two options: grilled sea scallops with spring succotash and carrot emulsion or forever braised lamb shanks with fava bean ristotto. mushrooms and green peppercorn sauce. I went with the lamb shanks and it was quite possibly one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten. Will did a nice job of providing two very different options, so that everyone could find something they would enjoy.

The best part of the meal was dessert, which was of course gluten free! The baker at Buzz made strawberry rhubarb shortcake with vanilla ice cream. What a great finish to the meal!

So now that David’s buried in his study for the Bar Exam, I can’t help but think back to what a fun night we had at Farm Table. A meal made of fresh, delicious, gluten free food and our families together in one place. I love how food brings people together and Farm Table provided the perfect back drop for an evening of celebration.

Gluten Free Cupcakes in Shirlington

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Great news! The bakery, CakeLove, is now offering gluten free cupcakes at their Shirlington location. This fancy bakery sells four varieties of gluten free cupcakes (chocolate or yellow cake and vanilla or chocolate icing). These cupcakes taste different from Buzz cupcakes as the icing is a bit denser and the texture of the cake itself is different. The cupcakes are also bigger than Buzz, which I like! That being said, I enjoy both stores’ baked goods so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend one over the other.

The people that work at CakeLove also know to put the GF cupcakes in a separate container if you order them with glutinous cupcakes so they are aware of contamination.

Having now sampled all of the flavor varieties at CakeLove, my preference is the chocolate cake with vanilla icing. You should refrigerate the cupcakes until you eat them. I like to take thecupcakes out of the fridge in advance or put it in the microwave for a few seconds. (Don’t microwave for too long because the icing will melt!)

Individual cupcakes cost $3.50 each. You may also order two layer gluten free cakes, but they ask for four days notice. Enjoy!

Here’s what they say on the CakeLove website about gluten free baking:

“Baking without wheat flour, the very foundation of baking, was a real challenge. My goal was to create not just gluten-free* sweets, but gluten-free sweets that tasted just as good as any other CakeLove product. Happily, during the process I produced great gluten-free cakes and pastries, and I became a better baker.” – Mary

About Gluten-Free products: Celiac disease, also known as gluten allergy, is a genetic disorder that causes gas and severe pain in the stomach and intestines. Those affected are not able to break down gluten, a protein that’s in wheat flour, oats, and barley. The only treatment for this disorder is to totally avoid foods with gluten. Our regular products are made with wheat flour and have gluten. On our Green Label we use our own custom mix of starches and non-gluten flours. Recipes may contain: potato starch, brown rice flour, garbanzo bean flour, rice flour, sweet rice flour or tapioca flour.

Cake Love:
4150 Campbell Ave. Suite 105
(formerly South 28th St.)*
Arlington, Virginia 22206