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Crepe Revolution

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Last week I tried a great restaurant in Vinings, called Crepe Revolution.  After having some difficulty locating the restaurant (it’s in a shopping area, technically in Smyrna and you can’t really see it from the road), I was immediately seated and given the full attention of the wait staff.


I found out about Crepe Revolution Chicago writer, Anne Steib’s article about her visit to Atlanta.  Since I had heard about this restaurant from another GF blogger, I knew that it was a safe bet.  Crepe Revolution serves both sweet and savory crepes.  They have three types of crepes, two of which can be made gluten-free: buckwheat and cornmeal.  Our waiter didn’t know a lot about gluten, but he was eager to check with the kitchen and find out about specific ingredients in the different crepes.

You can order a crepe on the menu or you can create your own.  They have various sauces, meats, veggies and cheeses.  You also get your choice of fresh fruit, salad or home fries as your side.  I asked them how the home fries are made and they’re just made from potatoes, spices and cooked in a pan.  Since they’re not actually fried, I didn’t have to worry about contamination from a fryer, so I definitely ordered the home fries.  They were delicious!

I ordered the pesto chicken crepe and it was a yummy meal. Crepe Revolution will definitely be a place that I’ll go when looking for an easy, not too expensive meal.  I contacted Neel, one of the managers of Crepe Revolution to get a little more information about their restaurant’s ability to accommodate the gluten-free diner.  Neel was quick to respond and here is some of what he said:

As for our processes, we make our batters for crepes fresh daily, however, none of them are gluten free. When an order for gluten free crepe is made in the kitchen we actually remake a separate batter for that individual meal (at this point we don’t have enough volume to make it ahead). We’re currently using rice flour or no flour at all when we do a gluten free crepe. The other ingredients of concern would be some of our sauces where we use flour to thicken or if flour is an existing ingredient in one of our sauce bases. Those items are are thai sauce, chicken gravy, brown gravy and table wine gravy. Note our Thai peanut dressing is gluten free, this is a dressing that is used on our salads which is different from our Thai peanut sauce used on our crepes. Anyway the information that our staff would need to convey would either be a function of how these items and ingredients items are prepared if and when these sauces are in use or desired by you, our guest. We’ll definitely regroup around this detail so our guests get all the info they need to make a great meal decision.

Neels’ thoughts and advice are very helpful and point me in the right direction for the next time I go to Crepe Revolution.  As you can see, it’s definitely important that you make your server aware of your dietary needs and not just order the items you think are gluten-free.  It’s always good to communicate with your server, no matter where you’re eating.

Gluten Freedom’s Trip to DC

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This weekend I headed north to the Washington, D.C. area for a visit.  It was my first time back since we moved in early August and it was great to see everyone, catch up with students, family and friends.  Of course I didn’t miss the opportunity to go to some of my favorite restaurants and bakeries to get my fill of all my gluten-free favorites in the nation’s capital.  While many others on my flight were up here to run the Marine Corps Marathon, I was here to visit and eat!

Gluten Freedom’s Northern VA/DC Area Favorites (Click on the links to check out previous posts I wrote about these yummy places.):

Evening Star: My all time favorite restaurant in northern Virginia, they just created a new fall menu and I enjoyed the pork tenderloin with creamy polenta, walnuts and mushroom gravy.  All naturally gluten-free of course!  The waiters are great at Evening Star and I always feel well taken care of at this great restaurant in Del Ray.

Buzz Bakery: I got my birthday cake here this year and I love their gluten-free baked goods.  On this visit I got the chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting and a brownie for the plane ride home (well, I ate most of it before I left town actually)

Tortilla Coast: I called ahead and they made me a batch of tortilla chips before the fryer oil got contaminated with glutenous items; chicken fajitas with corn tortillas

Cake Love: A great spot in Shirlington to get baked goods to go.  I ordered the yellow cake with vanilla butter cream frosting and enjoyed my treats at home with mom and dad on Sunday afternoon.

Thai Shirlington: Of course I had to get the panang perfect!

What a great weekend!  I came back to Atlanta well fed after a fun weekend with family and friends.  I miss them already.

Happy (Gluten-Free) Halloween!

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Halloween is drawing near and this is the first of many holidays in the next few months.  For those of us with celiac, or those who are parents of children with celiac, there are many things we have to think about as the holidays approach.  In the upcoming months, I’ll post ideas, advice and recipes in hopes of making your holiday celebrations fun, as well as keeping your bellies full and gluten-free!


When one thinks of Halloween, candy is often the first thing to come to mind.  Here are a few of my favorite gluten-free candies:

  • Reese’s Cups
  • Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms (all M&Ms, except the crispy, are GF)
  • Starburst
  • York Peppermint Patties

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) has a great list of gluten-free candy and snacks that was updated recently, in July 2009.  Click here to download their comprehensive list.  One of the great things about candy is that as long as it’s on the GF list, you know it’s safe!  Since it’s in a wrapper, you don’t have to worry about contamination as you do with baked goods.

If your child has celiac disease and you’re going trick or treating, you might want to take along some GF candy, just in case the first few houses don’t have anything gluten-free and he or she might want something to snack on along the way.  Also, you might want to drop some GF candy off at neighbors’ homes or your child’s class in preparation for trick or treating festivities.  Be sure to go through your child’s trick or treat bag before they eat anything so that you can weed out the treats containing gluten.


I’ll be baking my monster cookies this weekend using Halloween M&Ms so that I can enjoy something sweet at the parties I’m attending.  This recipe makes a lot of cookies so you can bring them to multiple events.  This recipe includes peanut butter, M&Ms, GF oats, and chocolate chips.  Delicious and so easy!  Note: Just make sure when you bring the cookies (and other GF baked goods) to a party, you put them away from all of the crumby gluten-filled items.  Maybe ask your host if there’s a small coffee table where they can be displayed.


Happy Halloween!

Baking Butternut Squash

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I love making butternut squash this way because it reminds me of my mother-in-law, Elaine, who makes this dish for most holidays using fresh squash from her beautiful garden.  It’s so easy, you can make it way in advance and it adds great color to your plate.  With this recipe, you get to avoid all of the chopping and peeling involved in most winter squash recipes.


Instructions: Preheat oven to 375.  Using a large kitchen knife, cut a few slits into the top of the squash.  (This will allow the squash to breathe during the cooking process.)  Place squash on baking sheet and bake, turning the squash every 30 minutes or so, as sides begin to get soft and start to collapse a little.  The total cooking time will depend on how big the squash is.  Don’t worry if it starts to look like it’s burning on the skin.  That won’t affect the final product.

Once all sides are soft (about 60 or 90 minutes) remove from oven and let cool.  Cut squash in half.  Remove seeds, then scoop out the meat of the squash and put in bowl.  (It will be more like a puree consistency.)  Cover with saran wrap until ready to serve.

When ready to serve, reheat squash in microwave.   You can add a variety of ingredients to your squash.  Personally, I think it’s delicious plain.   Other variations include:

Sweet Butternut Squash: 2 Tablespoons butter and 4 Tablespoons brown sugar

Savory Butternut Squash: 4 Tablespoons parmesan cheese and 2 Tablespoons olive oil, salt and pepper

This is great dish for the holidays because you can make it the day before so it’s one fewer side dish to worry about on the actual day you’re entertaining and it won’t take up space in the oven.

Alden’s Pulled Pork Barbecue

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Last week I made my sister-in-law’s pork barbecue recipe for dinner and it was a huge hit.  I loved this meal for a variety reasons.  Mainly, it’s another great meal in the Dutch oven that involves all the labor way in advance of dinner.  (And the labor is minimal with a delicious final product.) It feeds a crowd, makes your house smell good and can be served right out of the Dutch oven.  No meat carving involved.  Now that we live in an apartment building, we don’t always have grill access so it’s a plus that the cooking process doesn’t involve a grill.  This recipe also reminds me of my brother, Rob, who loves pork barbecue, and his wonderful wife, Alden, who makes barbecue for him!  Now that I’ve moved away from my family, I find myself gravitating towards recipes that have sentimental value because they remind me of family and they don’t feel as far away.

In preparation for this meal, I bought a 4-pound pork butt because I couldn’t find a pork shoulder.  Either works for this recipe and it shouldn’t make a huge difference.  (Pork butt is actually part of the pork shoulder.)  Before purchasing the meat, make sure to take a look at your Dutch oven to see what size piece of meat will fit in it.  You don’t want the meat to be too big.

This is a great meal for serving a large group.  There were five of us at dinner and everyone had seconds, plus there were leftovers so I would say that it easily serves 8-10 people.

Alden’s Pulled Pork Barbecue:

Preheat oven to 325. Trim fat from 4 lb. pork shoulder or pork butt. (You really do want to trim the pork because it will make for less greasy liquid when you finish.

Rub meat with your favorite dry rub.  I used the following spice blend for my rub:


Rub Recipe:

1 tablespoon and 1 teaspoon, Lawry’s Seasoning Salt
1 tablespoon brown sugar
1 tablespoon chili powder
1 tablespoon ground cumin
1 tablespoon sugar
1-1/2 teaspoons black pepper
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon ground red pepper

At this point you can wrap it in foil or Saran Wrap and refrigerate it for up to 24 hours, or you can cook it.  (In investigating other pork BBQ recipes, I found that most recommend refrigerating the meat for at least a few hours with the dry rub.)

Heat 2 tablespoons vegetable oil in a Dutch oven on medium-high heat. Brown pork on all sides, about 4 minutes on each side.  (This process locks in the flavor and adds a nice crust to the meat.  Don’t worry that you’re going to overdo it.  You won’t.)


Put lid on Dutch oven. Put in oven and cook for 3-3 1/2 hours until meat is tender and shreds with a fork.

Skim fat from pan juices, if necessary. Mix meat with pan juices and 1-1/2 c. BBQ sauce.  (I used ‘Bone Suckin’ Sauce, extra thick, which is gluten-free.)  You’ll find that the meat just begins to fall apart as you shred it with a fork and then sauce mixes in nicely with it.


(I forgot to take a photo of the pork until we’d already started eating, so this isn’t the entire batch.  I just brought the Dutch oven to the table and let everyone serve themselves.  Truly family style dining!)

Note: when I first removed the pork butt from its packaging (before putting the rub on the meat), it seemed to be falling apart a little bit, so I actually tied it with some cooking string to hold its shape.  I kept the string on throughout the browning and cooking process.  I’m not confident that it made any difference on the cooking but it definitely made it easier to brown on the stove.


My side dishes for this meal were also yummy and recipes for them will soon follow.  I made a baked butternut squash and a salad with fresh mixed greens, pears, goat cheese, pecans, and homemade salad dressing.

Garlic Clove Foods’ Gluten-Free Pilaf

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A local woman, Amy D’Angelo, started a company called Garlic Clove Foods and she recently created a gluten-free product line.  Last week I had the opportunity to sample Garlic Clove Foods’ new gluten-free southwest pilaf.  Amy uses super-food whole grains that provide great nutrients and lots of fiber.  I met Amy at the Gluten-Free Vendor Fair and, don’t get me wrong, I loved all of the doughnuts, pizza and cake at the fair last weekend, but after overdosing on sweets, it was a relief to try Amy’s pilaf and feel like I was getting some much needed nutrients in the midst of all the sweets.

This spicy (but not too spicy) and delicious dish is composed of millet, quinoa and beans.  It was absolutely delicious and didn’t need any additional flavoring from me.  (This made me feel a little helpless in my own kitchen but there’s no need to change something that’s already so good!)  All you have to do is pour the contents of the packet in chicken or vegetable broth, boil and let simmer.  So easy!  There are no preservatives in Garlic Cloves Food and it’s a great side dish for any quick dinner.  One packet makes a lot of food so it can also be the main course for your meal.  David and I enjoyed our southwestern pilaf with leftover pork from the pancetta wrapped pork loin we made the night before and a salad.  I also ate it again as leftovers the next day and it was great cold.  A perfect lunch on the go!


Garlic Clove Foods makes two gluten-free varieties, southwestern pilaf and quinoa pilaf. You can find Amy’s gluten-free Garlic Clove Foods at Return to Eden and you can check the Garlic Clove Foods’  website for other locations.  Delicious, healthy, and way more exciting than plain rice, you can jazz up any dinner with this pilaf.


These are the photos from our weeknight dinner with Southwest Pilaf.  Yum!

Celebration Dinner at Wisteria Restaurant

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Last Friday David and I went to Wisteria Restaurant to celebrate.  What were we celebrating?  We found out that night before that David passed the Bar exam.  Woohoo!  David’s officially licensed to be a lawyer and I’m so proud of him and all of the hard work he put into preparing for the Bar.

David and I ate at Wisteria last spring with our friend’s Joel and Mary Stuart and we loved it.  We decided it would be a great place for our celebration.  We made reservations for 8:30 on Friday and when we arrived, the place was packed.  It was clear that some of the earlier reservations were taking a little longer to finish their meals than anticipated, but the bar did a great job serving drinks and we were quickly seated and well taken care of by the wait staff and the manager.  Based on the attention we received that night by our waiter, you would have no idea how busy they were.  She was helpful and never appeared rushed or frazzled.

I told our waiter that I had celiac and she quickly got me the gluten-free menu.  This was one of the best gluten-free menus I’ve ever seen at a restaurant.  Wisteria’s GF menu is exactly the same as their regular menu, but it puts a full circle next to the items that are completely gluten free and a half-circle next to the menu items that can be made gluten free, with some changes.  How awesome is that?  This way I knew exactly what I could have and got to choose from many options instead of just asking the waiter about a couple.  It also made me feel very confident in the chef’s knowledge and understanding of gluten free.

David and I definitely indulged and enjoyed the evening of delicious food.  I ordered the sweet corn chowder for an appetizer; I just had to go without the fried crawfish, which I didn’t mind.  For my main course I got the Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb with mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus, wild mushrooms and red wine jus.  Delicious!  The lamb was cooked perfectly and I couldn’t resist a meal that comes with mashed potatoes.  The entire dish was naturally gluten free.  David ordered the shrimp and grits which was also gluten free, so I could eat some of his too.  The grits were perfect.

For dessert, we ordered three of their ‘small bite desserts.’  David chose the carrot cake, which sadly was not GF, but we also got the crème brulee and pomegranate ginger granita.  Both were gluten free and tasty.

Thanks Wisteria for going to such lengths to clearly mark and label your gluten-free dishes.  I felt like I had so many options to choose from at Wisteria so I’ll definitely be back to try some of my other choices.


Wisteria Restaurant

471 North Highland Ave. Atlanta, GA 30307
Wisteria on Urbanspoon


Tully’s Bakery: Young Chef Creates Delicious Gluten-Free Treats

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Last week I had the opportunity to sample some delicious gluten-free baked goodies made by Tully’s Bakery.  Tully is an up and coming young female chef in New York City, originally from Memphis, TN, so she’s a gluten-free southern girl at heart.  Diagnosed with celiac disease in 2008 and a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu in Austin, TX Tully’s made it her goal to create yummy gluten-free cookies and brownies that actually taste like cookies and brownies.  I love seeing young women out there, making their celiac diagnosis into a positive life change.  Tully has combined her culinary gift with a desire to serve and bring quality food to others with celiac and gluten allergies and intolerances.


Not only are Tully’s cookies and brownies delicious, but I love Tully’s logo, website and the wrapping that she uses for her products.  I got to taste Tully’s dark chocolate brownies and both varieties of her cookies, chocolate chip and oatmeal, cranberry, white and semi-sweet chocolate.  All of her products shipped well and tasted fresh upon arrival.

David and I enjoyed and savored all three varieties, but could not come to a consensus on our favorite.  He said that Tully’s brownies were the best gluten-free brownies he’d ever tried and I agree.  I’m definitely biased about my favorite Tully’s product though, and prefer the oatmeal, cranberry, chocolate chip cookie.  I love a ‘trail mix’ combination of ingredients in a sweet treat.  I’m always trying to put gluten-free oats into my food so I applaud Tully for doing just that.  Part of what makes Tully’s cookies so good is that she bakes with milk and egg products and she doesn’t shy away from quality baking ingredients, as long as their gluten-free.  She doesn’t try to fit every dietary need into one cookie and I’m confident Tully’s way makes for a much better cookie.

So now that you’re salivating just thinking about these baked goodies, you may be wondering, “Where do I get Tully’s treats?”  Well, sadly for us Georgians, the only locations Tully sells her products are coffee shops and bakeries in New York, but you can order them online at her website.  Tully’s prices are very reasonable for a made from scratch baked good.  I’m hoping to get Tully’s into some Atlanta stores in the future, so I’ll keep you posted.

On Tully’s website, she writes, “Eating gluten-free allows you to explore grains, seeds and starches you may never have tried before.”  That’s what I’m talking about!  It’s so much better to embrace the foods that we can eat as opposed to focusing on what we can’t have.  Thank you, Tully, for contributing to the gluten-free community, creating delicious, flavorful sweets.  (Also, I froze one of Tully’s cookies last week so I’m looking forward to enjoying my last Tully’s cookie sometime soon!)


Baking Blondies in the Gluten Freedom Test Kitchen

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Blondies are one of David’s favorite childhood desserts that his mom always baked for him so I have been determined to make yummy gluten-free blondies.

I used a mix of flours again and I think it turned out really well.  In the past I’ve used a recipe that called for mostly soy flour, and people really liked them, but they were still pretty dense.  This batch tasted much lighter and more like ‘real blondies.’ I really think the almond flour adds a nice dimension to the flavor.  Using a variety of flours improved the recipe too because it balances out the different flavors and each flour offers something different to the recipe.  Don’t be intimidated by all of the flour varieties!

I don’t really like to put nuts in my baked goods so I choose not to put any in my recipe, but you could definitely add them to this recipe if you prefer.

I made this batch on Tuesday afternoon and they still tasted yummy on Saturday night when we ate the last one.  You don’t even need to reheat them to bring back their blondie-goodness.  Definitely a successful day in the test kitchen!


  • 1 stick unsalted butter, softened
  • 1 cup brown sugar, tightly packed
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon xanthan gum
  • ¼ cup potato starch
  • ¼ cup white rice flour
  • ¼ cup brown rice flour
  • ¼ cup tapioca flour
  • ¼ almond flour
  • ¾ cup chocolate chips or chunks (I used a blend of semi-sweet, milk chocolate and white chocolate), extra for sprinkling on top

Preheat oven to 350.  Grease an 8X8 or 9X9 baking pan or pyrex dish.

Mix the four flours, potato starch, salt, xanthan gum and baking powder in a bowl.  Set aside.

In a separate mixing bowl, mix on high speed butter and brown sugar until well blended and light and fluffy.  Add vanilla and eggs and continue to mix until blended.  Then add the dry mixture (the flours, starch, etc.) to the wet mixture.  Mix on low until well blended.  Add chocolate chips (and nuts if desired) and mix until blended.


Pour mixture into baking dish and bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes.  I used Pyrex and it took 30 minutes exactly.  Blondies will be browning on the top when ready and you can put a toothpick through the middle to see if it’s done.  Of course I don’t mind mine being a little bit gooey.


Of course blondies are great by themselves or with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.  Enjoy!


Gluten Free Vendor Fair

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Imagine rooms filled with cookies, cakes, chicken fingers, bread, pies, beer and pizza.  Sounds like a food court, right?  Even better, though, it’s all gluten free!  This weekend I attended the Gluten Free Vendor Fair in Roswell, Georgia with David and my gluten-free buddy, Anne, and I got to sample (for free!) all of the gluten-free food I could ever imagine.

Organized by the Atlanta Metro Celiacs and Jennifer Harris of the Examiner, this event brought in national and local businesses, that are all trying to offer us gluten-free eaters, more delicious food.  While I felt a bit overwhelmed when I first walked into the Doubletree, I gradually made my way through the crowds (there were over 900 people in attendance!) and found many yummy, new foods to sample.

What a great way to spend a morning, eating food (and not having to worry about contamination!) and talking to people who understand what gluten-free is and who are passionate about making it taste good.  One of the highlights of the day for me was meeting Lee Tobin, the founder of Whole Foods’ Gluten Free Bakehouse. Lee was diagnosed with celiac in 1996 and has created a delicious line of baked goods; my personal favorites are the pie crust (which I sampled on Saturday with a mushroom quiche) and the apple pie.

I thought I’d give you some of my personal favorites from the day.  Now this list does not include everyone that I loved sampling.  There wasn’t a bad taste in the place and even David enjoyed all of the food and he’s a gluten eater.

Favorite Cookie: The Connor Cookie Company

The owner of this company, June, bakes these absolutely delicious cookies because her granddaughter, Connor, has celiac.  She makes brownies, chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies and they are so good.  David says they’re some of the best cookies he’s ever had, including those with gluten!  I bought a package of June’s chocolate chip cookies but it was a tough decision because the brownies and peanut butter cookies are so good too.  You can freeze them also so you don’t feel like you need to eat them all at once.  After all of the cookies I ate on Saturday morning, I did not think that I would be dying to buy more cookies, but June’s were just that good.



I don’t believe June has a website, but you can email June at or call 404.323.1427

Favorite All Around Fried Food (and Most Creative T-shirt): Roswell’s Outback Steakhouse

The folks from the Roswell Outback came totally prepared for the Vendor Fair.  This particular Outback has been incredibly supportive of the Atlanta Celiac Group and works hard to make their restaurant gluten-free friendly.  The Outback crew made awesome “Our Buns are Gluten Free” (see above) t-shirts and were so enthusiastic.  They had gluten-free bloomin’ onion samples, as well as gluten-free beer AND gluten-free doughnut balls.  They don’t sell these doughnuts in their restaurant, but I hope they will soon.  They were absolutely delicious.


(770) 998-5630
655 Crossville Rd.
Roswell, GA 30075

Favorite Pizza: Bella Monica

This restaurant in Raleigh, NC has made a delicious gluten-free pizza that they sell as a frozen pizza in stores.  I could not believe that Bella Monica’s pizza was gluten free.  I particularly enjoyed the mushroom, spinach and tomato pizza but the classic cheese pizza was delicious too.  I talked to Bella Monica’s founder, Trevor Chambers, and he was enthusiastic about gluten-free eating and that we should be able to eat good food.  Trevor has successfully made a pizza that does just that!  It tastes like a restaurant pizza but you don’t have to go to a restaurant to find it.


Best (and most creative) Cakes: A Bountiful Harvest

I must say that I was very impressed by this Chattanooga based bakery and the impressive cakes they had.  A Bountiful Harvest was serving samples of their ‘Uga’ cake and even though I’m not a huge fondant fan, the cakes itself was absolutely yummy and so were their other icings.  This would be a perfect place to order a cake for an event.  They also have all kinds of cakes and pies as well and they use a dedicated gluten-free bakery, which I love!


To order cakes online:

Check out some of their many cakes they’ve made:

Best Chicken Fingers: Allergy Free Foods

While these chicken fingers aren’t yet in stores, they were so good.  Allergy Free Foods’ chicken fingers tasted fresh, crunchy and like a chicken tender you would get at a restaurant.  Not soggy or mushy.  I can’t wait until they start to have these chicken fingers in stores.  These folks also serve all the allergy friendly food at Disney World.  The people I talked to at their booth also were really committed to and passionate about making delicious, allergy-friendly food.

Many of the products that were served at the GF Vendor Fair can be found at Return to Eden, which was one of the sponsors of the event.

My only regret from the day is that I was so busy talking to vendors that I didn’t get the opportunity to talk to other celiacs like me.  I hope everyone enjoyed the day and I would love to hear from people what their favorites were!  Thanks to everyone who made the event happen.