Gluten-Free Pasta at Figo

Posted in Restaurants

Craving pasta?  Great news!  Figo Pasta now offers gluten-free pasta at all of their locations.  Not only do they serve gluten-free pasta, but their new menu indicates everything on the menu that’s gluten-free by putting “GF” next to it.  All of Figo’s 18 pasta sauces are gluten-free so you have lots delicious of choices, ranging from cream based sauces to pesto.

I tried Figo recently and found the gluten-free fusilli pasta to be tasty, with good texture.  It was cooked just right and went well with my pollo sauce, a tomato based sauce with peppers and chicken.  My friend, Colleen, chose the pesto sauce, which was also delicious.  The noodles didn’t turn to mush like some gluten-free pastas.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Figo, it’s a perfect place for a casual and inexpensive dinner.  You order when you walk in and they deliver your food to the table.  It only costs $9.00 for a nice pasta meal.  All of Figo’s wines by the glass are between $4.75 and $7.50.  Figo is definitely a restaurant, not fast food, but with affordable prices.  I went to the Peachtree-Dunwoody location and all of the staff was super friendly and very attentive.

I don’t cook pasta all that much at home so I’ll definitely be going back to Figo when I get a pasta craving.  Maybe eventually they’ll serve gluten-free bread too!  Let me know what sauce you enjoy at Figo.