Lunching at Legal Sea Foods

Posted in Atlanta

If you have not yet been to Legal Sea Foods, you must check it out.  I ate lunch yesterday at their Atlanta location with Jennifer from The Examiner and I enjoyed every bite.  (And I have lots of leftovers for lunch tomorrow!)  Legal Sea Foods might be the most professionally I’ve ever seen gluten-free food produced at a restaurant.

Legal Sea Foods has a nice gluten-free menu that is clearly written and organized.  The wait staff and management were extremely helpful and friendly, making me feel very well looked after.  I felt like I had a dialogue with our waiter about what to order, what was safe and how things were prepared.

There were many highlights of the meal for me, but the best part was the fried calamari.  Yes, I ordered gluten-free fried (and battered!) calamari.  Legal Sea Foods has a dedicated gluten-free fryer so you can get any of the fried things on the menu.  They use chickpea flour for the batter and it was delicious.

Legal Sea Foods also serves warm gluten-free rolls while you wait for your meal.  What a rarity in the world of a celiac!  For my entrée I ordered the Jasmine Special, which is a bowl of rice, steamed shrimp, broccoli and melted cheese.  While this appears to be a meal of simple components, it was flavorful and the ingredients worked well together.  Next time I think I’m going to try the scallops.  Jennifer ordered the lobster salad and they served it on top of gluten-free rolls.  (They’re getting GF buns soon!)

There are many options on the gluten-free menu including clam chowder, many types of fish, crabmeat salad and filet mignon.  Definitely something for everyone!  They even have a gluten-free children’s menu.  On the GF menu, they also list some things that do have gluten that you might think would be GF, such as their cocktail sauce and balsamic vinagarette. I felt comfortable and confident eating at Legal Sea Foods as everyone was knowledgeable and understand my needs as a gluten-free diner.  It looks like pretty much all Legal Sea Foods’ locations have a gluten-free menu, so even if you’re not in Atlanta, hopefully you can find a location near you.

It’s only 8:00 and I’m already thinking about my leftovers for lunch today!  Check out Legal Sea Foods’ gluten-free menu.

Legal Sea Foods
275 Baker Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30313

Phone: 678-500-3700